Sunday, March 16, 2014

One, Two, Three, Four....It's a Hi-5 Giveaway!

We've been putting the latest season of Hi-5 House through it's paces in the Mummy Hearts Household this week. We're never home when Hi-5 episodes are on TV, so our kids tend to watch them normally on DVD. As a result, this was our first time experiencing Hi-5 House even though a few episodes have aired already.

Lorelei is hooked. I was silly clever (?) enough to download the Tenplay app from iTunes AND I showed her that she could watch Hi-5 house episodes on the iPad. Any. Time. She. Wants.

Now when she sees me browsing the Internet or typing out blog posts she is at my elbow asking for Hi-5 pleeeeee-ase! I will never have the iPad to myself again.

The creators of Hi-5 have stuck to their usual successful formula in developing their new season, but have added a new twist. Episode 1 sees the cast (including x3 new favourites) take us on a tour of their new house, where everyone has their own zone that gives plenty of opportunity for their personalities to take us through all new sketches and musical numbers.

Even Sebastian who has no time for TV, made a beeline for the screen and stared transfixed the first time he saw a Hi-5 episode. He joined Lorelei in dancing and grooving around the lounge room, which is what I always loved about Hi-5. It's great that my kids get up and dancing, while absorbing the underlying educational messages that are in each segment.

Last week I posted a special Mummy Hearts Money interview with the cast of Hi-5. The personalities really come to life on the screen and you can see how much they love their work with kids.

Lorelei was sent a Hi-5 bundle which she was entranced with, especially the temporary tattoo's. It was her first time EVER, and she has been proudly showing off her new "sticker" to everyone. I'm dreading the fallout at shower time.

Mummy Hearts Money also has some great goodies to giveaway to celebrate the launch of Hi-5 House! If you have a little Hi-5er in the house, you have to enter to win one of these great packs.

1st Prize includes Jub Jub!
x2 winners will score one of these great Hi-5 merchandise packs, with the first place winner also taking
home one of these giant Jup Jup toys! This toy looks to be the same size as the one on the show, so think how much fun you get up to with this mischievous octopus.

Merchandise packs include:

Hi-5 Carrying Bag
Giant Hi-5 Foam Hand
Hi-5 Souvenir Program and Activity Book (with signed poster!)
Hi-5 Backpack
Hi-5 Tattoo Set
Hi-5 set of x5 hair clips

To win one of these bundles for yourself, easy entry via the Rafflecopter below.


  1. My son will sit on his little lounge, with his friends (read soft toys), and get ready to watch his "stories" (Hi-5). He loves Hi-5, loves it!


  2. My little 4yo niece loves Hi-5. It's the only show that keeps her quiet.

    Psst...I love all the costumes ;)

  3. My 2 year old niece - she loves nothing more than a good old boogie while watching Hi-5. It's amazing to see how much she memorises from the show.

  4. She's 2 1/2 and she loves to sing and dance along :)

  5. I have 2 littlies who love to sing and dance along with Hi-5 brings fun and laughter into their lives.

  6. In our home, Hi-5 we adore
    Especially my daughter Kayla, aged 4!
    There's nothing more she loves than seeing their dvd
    She dances and sings and giggles with glee
    This would make a really great surprise
    If I were to win this prize!

  7. My 3 yr old loves to sing and dance.

  8. My 3 daughters all love Hi-5
    Charlotte has been a diehard fan for over 4 years now, starting from Daycare when all the older girls insisted calling her Charli like one of the original members, she was thrilled when we had "Lauren" her 2 year old sister. When Charlotte (Charli) was 2 she used to say Hwy Fiwve cause she couldn't talk properly and used to call my boss Jub Jub cause she was a bit well larger than life but not purple I promise.

    They all have Hi5 for breakfast, lunch and Tea, all their DVDs are well worn and loved and sometimes skip in places but thats all good, there is always YouTube!

    Biggest fans ever xx

    Thanks for the chance
    Amanda from Amanda's Mummy Jeans

  9. I have a very musical little boy so Hi 5 really is his element he loves to sing and dance along with them.

  10. My little niece, is in love!
    With HI 5 , nothing above.
    Her nickname is Captain puffy pants,
    With Boom Boom Beats, she loves to dance!
    Chatty feet, she dreams on, all day
    with Hi 5 inside her heart, we play!

  11. My little man has just discovered Hi-5, he loves bopping along to their songs!

  12. My neighbours little girl is a fantatic. Soemtimes on the weekend I babysit and Hi 5 is echoing through the house. We have a yabby and Im sur I saw it bopping along in its tank!!!

  13. Little Miss Four just loves Hi-5. She sings and dances along with every song. Even though they have gone through many iterations it doesn't matter she loves them all.

  14. My 3 year old daughter loves Hi-5!

  15. My little boys aged 5 and 2 are big fans of Hi-5 . They love to watch the show ,laugh,sing and dance with it. I also love watching it because it is colourful ,bright and bring smiles...

  16. Id be a big hit with the Grandchildren winning this prize as they love Hi-5. only thing is that they tie up the TV


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