Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Go Forth And Shop - Celebrity Style on a Budget

With the Digital Parents Conference on board a cruise looming on the horizon this month (ha! see how I did that?) you better believe I have been on the lookout for a good sponsor to dress me.

I have no clothes. Seriously. None. While also having a wardrobe full and overflowing. With 8 different sizes at my disposal, I manage to have an abundance of clothing while having nothing to wear thanks to rapid weight loss and regain. The reality is, I'm a mum to 2 toddlers, I work full time and can rarely get to the shops, and I am honestly intimidated by fashion.

I need fashion that is comfortable for sitting cross legged on the floor with my energetic toddlers, fashion that will transfer to a shopping centre in style, and can be worn into the office on casual  Friday. And to put casual Friday in perspective, I sit in between 2 Greek Goddesses who roll out of bed in the morning, wipe a bit of sleep out of their eyes, and look like they've fallen out of a fashion magazine. It's hard work.

Most of all, I need an outfit that is going to stroll the decks of the Caribbean Cruise liner in between conference sessions with a cocktail in my hand. Priorities. And it has to be achievable on a budget, because I am not willing to waste huge dollars on my clothing. My money works as hard as I do, so it needs to stretch.

Hello Millers! The official Mummy Hearts Money fashion sponsor for #DPCON14! Straight away Millers ticks my boxes with affordable fashion - every time I jump onto their sale section to browse, there are more and more items under $15.

I've channeled a little bit of Sienna Miller when looking for my cruise about daytime style. I don't have any Harem pants yet, and I can't imagine why. They look so comfortable, with stretchy waists, baggy legs, plenty of fabric to hide lumps and bumps....why am I not wearing them already?

Here's how I piece together my own version of Sienna Miller gorgeousness via the Millers website (pun's are completely unintended but just seem to keep coming!).

  1. Emerald Paisley Print Cami - I've selected it in black trying to gear towards Sienna's middle combo. At $12 marked down from $28 I probably would have grabbed it in a few colours had they been available!
  2. Zip Pocket Harem Pant - Loving them. Elastic waisted! What more do I need to say? I cannot WAIT to get my hands on these. $30 at full price they still aren't breaking a sweat.
  3. The Art Deco Pyramid Necklace strikes me as being a great piece to take this outfit from the decks of the cruise and into dinner. It's $12 at full price.
  4. This Shell Bracelet will give me that little bit of daytime colour that I have sadly neglected. It's adorable, and will tie in nicely with some blue shoes that I'd like to team up with this combo.
Ignoring accessories for a minute, you can bottom and top up for only $42 and still look and feel a little swish. Not a bad price tag for a celebrity style! I actually saw plenty of printed Harem pants on sale for only $20, but I really liked these black ones with the gold zipper detail.

Just to make the most of any online purchase, Millers also offer free shipping over $60. Although with prices that low, it might be difficult to get the shopping basket up that high. First world problem, I know. Watch this space for me to be fashion modelling my new outfit on Instagram over the coming days. 

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