Friday, March 28, 2014

FFS Friday - The Office Edition

Some grub in the office likes to leave toilet paper all over the seat - no doubt because they are avoiding coming into contact with the seat. It's all well and good for them, but the rest of us are then stuck coming into contact with their leftovers FFS

Another somebody (quite likely the same one) leaves a damp paper towel hanging from the door handle, right underneath the sign that asks people to take their paper towels and dispose of them in the bin. It is faintly grotty removing someone elses paper towel so they not touch the door handle. FFS

My favourite, cheap, parking lot normally fills up by 7:45am each morning and I am in a race against the clock to get  spot there FFS

This week it has been no problem to get a spot, even as late as 8am NO FFS

This is because of the steady rain driving people to the covered parking lots, which has resulted in my outdoor lot becoming a pool of mud. What I am saving in parking fee's I will probably have to spend replacing my shoes and washing my car FFS

I am still waiting for a desk to free up in the office and currently occupy half a metre of desk space in between x2 other people. It makes it very dififcult to hide the 2pm Freddo each day. FFS

You can thank you me for the rain at school pick up time. Each time I leave my umbrella in the car, it torrents down in the afternoon, making me either late home, or soaked, depending on the needs. FFS

How was your week? Soggy?

Dear Baby G

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