Monday, March 10, 2014

Behind the Scenes of Hi-5 House

Mummy Hearts Money was recently lucky enough to score an interview with the kids favourite musical group Hi-5. Our household has been fans of this group since their earliest days, taking Madeleine along to Hi-5 concerts many moons ago in her own toddler years. These days, it’s Lorelei who is our Hi-5 fanatic, so we were beyond excited to get a chance to grill the cast about Hi-5, life, and behind the scenes. Meet Stevie, Lauren, and all new talent who are sure to be favourites in no time, Dayen, Ainsley and Mary.

What’s the best aspect of being part of the Hi-5 team?

I get to do all the things I love dancing, singing and acting and still calling it work is unbelievable! Apart from the fun stuff, travelling, being a big kid and working with my best friends, the most special part for me being a hi-5 member has to be making kids around the world happy. 

We do a lot of work being ambassadors for starlight foundation and world vision and we get to visit kids in hospitals and visit countries like Cambodia and Philippines. It's such a precious moment when a kid smiles or gives you a big cuddle all because we made them happy. 

Do kids recognise you on the street in plain clothes? You all must be some of the most known kids faces on TV!

Yeah its totally surreal walking through a supermarket and having children literally run up to you and give you a hug. With our costumes being so colourful on Hi-5 it is quite nice to be able to wear “normal” clothes and remain somewhat anonymous….

I guess it’s sort of like Clark Kent wearing sunglasses and then as soon as he takes them off he is Superman; as soon as I put on a fluro pink Lycra t-shirt i become a recognisable Hi-5er. 

Are you OK with your fans coming up to say Hi? (or even Hi-5!).

I am more thank OK with fans coming up to say Hi. I am actually honoured. It's so special seeing kids with big eyes and open arms coming up to us, knowing our names. 

Every kid is so special and I'm so happy to have a part in some  of their lives and teach them positive messages early.

Who has pets and what are their names?

I have a beagle who is 1 year old called buster. He is very playful, active and cheeky and I treat him like my son! I also have 5 snakes... 

People are funny about snakes and there is a stigma about them but once you learn more about them the less scarier they are and you learn that each snake have their own special quality too! 

I have a carpet python, children's python, Stimson Python, jungle python and a blackhead python.

What can you share about the behind the scene's of a filming day?

We honestly spend most of our day in fits of laughter; its hard not to laugh when you look in the mirror and you are dressed as a pink cow or a Merman. It’s a very tough shooting schedule so we are usually bunkered down with a script in hand trying to get all of the information into our brains so we can transition it seamlessly onto camera. 

I loved shooting the new series with our new lineup, it was awesome seeing them grow on camera and it’s so nice seeing kids warm to each new member now.

What can you tell us about your great new series, Hi-5 House?

Mary: Its a brand new feel and style to Hi-5 where we all live together in one big house! From a new cast, new sets, new songs; it's a new Hi-5 for a new generation of kids!

Do you remember what you were doing the day you got the call to let you know you would be joining Hi-5?

I was actually trying to preoccupy my time with baking gingerbread houses! I had just finished my 3rd gingerbread house for the day and was getting ready to go to work as a party entertainer for a preschool Christmas disco! I made sure I played a Hi-5 song at the disco in honour of my exciting new job :)

What exciting things are coming up for Hi-5 in 2014?

2014 is a busy year for Hi-5, we are super excited for the launch of our new TV series, Hi-5 House, on Channel 11 this month, and are currently preparing for international tours throughout the first part of this year. Toward the middle of the year we are hoping to get back into the studio and film Season 2 of Hi-5 House ready for audiences after the airing of Season 1. We also have a big Australian tour in the works, where we hope to visit as many of our Aussie fans as we can. The end of the year is shaping up to be jam packed with tours and appearances in Australia and all over the world.

We are very keen to share with our audiences the hard work we having been putting in to produce some great new Hi-5 content for all our Hi-5ers.

Watch out for a Mummy Hearts Money review of the new series coming up on the blog soon, along with a giveaway for readers. We can't wait to sit down for some Hi-5 toddler time and check it out!

If you got 5 minutes alone with the Hi-5 cast, what question would you ask them?

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