Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Cruise To Nowhere #DPCON14

I'm frantically packing tonight for a long weekend cruise. Also frantically cleaning, as it registered today that I will be coming home Monday to all the washing, so I wanted to get ahead.

Tomorrow I go to work as usual, clock up a few hours, then grab my bag and head into Circular Quay to board my Carnival Cruise for 3 beautiful nights!

I never thought I would say this, but I cannot wait for 3 nights without my family. 3 nights that are all about me. I'm not cooking, cleaning up after anyone, sharing anything (except my room with a great roommate!), will have food on tap and great company. No coordinating every else's schedule, no worrying about nappies, toilet runs, or tantrums.


It's not all cocktails and sun baking, I will be attending a bloggers conference on Saturday and Sunday which is the true purpose of the trip.

When I tell people in the office I am heading off on a cruise without my family, most people give me a bit of a look. Why would I go on a cruise without family, or at least friends?

When I tell them I'm attending a conference, it clears up some confusion. For a few minutes anyway. Until I mention it is a bloggers conference, and that's where the conversation becomes lots of fun. It seems incredible to most people that I would draw a small income from blogging, or that I would be so engaged with it that I would actually go on a cruise with strangers (although that phrase really doesn't apply to Bloggers).

I can't wait. I have so many expectations for my blog this year. I want to be more disciplined with what I blog and when. I want to deliver better outcomes for the Brands that engage to work with me, so in return I gain better opportunities that lead hopefully to bigger and better product giveaways for my readers. I would like to start to broaden my blog network, by guest posting, making media appearances, promoting the blog overall.

Mostly I want to be a better writer. I don't want to just wing it, I want to know how to write. This is why I go to Blogger Conferences. Because I have lots of wants.

And yeah. Cocktails.

One of the Mummy Hearts Money key #DPCON14 sponsors has been Switched On Media, who have kindly supported me with a series of posts that have slowly but surely paid for my ticket on this conference. Switched on Media have just launched a Blogger Sign up page, so if you would like make a connection with a fantastic company who have provided me with lots of opportunities, make sure you check them out.


  1. I signed up after you posted in blog chicks about it. Haven't heard back yet though. Those are pretty much my goals for my blog this year too.

  2. Great goals Elise! See you tomorrow and thanks for sharing the link.

  3. make sure you bring back loads of information and share it mostly with me but i guess everyone can get in on it too.


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