Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Big Splash - Party At Mine!

Peppa Pig is collaborating with Life's Little Treasures Foundation for their new campaign The Big Splash, a charity campaign to raise money for premature and sick babies. From March 1 to April 30 people are encouraged to sponsor children to 'Splash like Peppa' and participate in fundraising by holding splash parties at the beach, their homes or by attending a Big Splash event held by their local pool, creating as much splash as possible in five minutes. Parents can register their children at and get splashing just like Peppa any time in March and April!

“Each year, in Australia, around 45,000 premature and sick newborns require medical support in Neonatal Intensive Care or Special Care nurseries. Having a child that is premature or sick places a great emotional and financial burden on that family. With the funds raised, more families will receive the much needed support they require to ensure the best outcome for their baby.” Shusannah Morris CEO Life's Little Treasures Foundation.
My little premmie, in such a hurry he came 7 weeks early

Say what? I can get my kids splashing for a cause? And a cause that is so near and dear to my heart? What a GREAT idea! I don't know about your household, but we have 2 little splashers who love nothing more than jumping in muddy puddles, not to mention a tween and her friends who are making the most out of our  pool this summer.

Here's how you can get involved:

  • Talk to your preschool or playgroup about a BIG SPLASH event
  • Click here to see if there are any events you might be able to get involved with.
  • Consider hosting one yourself! You don't need a big pool, just a few wading pools along with some buckets of water will do the trick.
  • Talk to your local pool about hosting a BIG splash event.
  • Join the public BIG SPLASH event at Luna Park, Milsons Point.

I cannot wait to get some of my friends and family together for some water play at our house. Let me know if you will be doing this too!

In 2014, one of my blogging resolutions is to make sure I use my blog to provide awareness and support to some great charities. Anytime I blog about a charity, please know that I am not accepting any payment, offered or not.


  1. What a fantastic idea to raise money for a great cause. I will mention this to my mum's group.

    1. Thans Kaz! They need all the exposure they can get in this first year


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