Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Thats Alot of Cow - 45 Kilo's To Be Exact

Now that the blogging month from hell is out of the way (I made way too many plans and commitments in terms of blogging considering how busy the month was and how few of you actually read in January), I can get on with pacing myself. I have so much to write about, but I'll try not to flood you all with more than 3 posts a week. 4 tops.

Last month we took possession of a beef hind quarter again. We've done this before, and we went back to the same butcher again. He has upped his rate a little, he must have realised he wasn't charging me enough, but at $7.99 a kilo, I'm still not arguing.

My butcher orders me a 40-45 kilo hind quarter and prepares it all for me to my specifications. I'm not a fan of wasting good quality steaks on my kids who can't tell the difference between rump and T-bone, so he bundles all the steaks into lots of 2 for me. That way I can defrost 2 T-bones, and 2 rumps, and that is more than enough meat (with some leftover for a steak sandwich sometimes) for dinner for the 5 of us. We paid just under $360 for our hind quarter this time, but this meat will last us months, and will cost so much less to eat better meat than usual.

To give you an idea on how much meat a hind quarter yields, I took the time to document it this time.

3 good sized roasts, more than generous to feed my family + guests
4 kilo's of Mince
4 kilo's of Sausages
3 kilo's of diced Beef
10 Topside steaks
17 Round steaks
2 Skillet Steaks
12 T-Bones
6 Rump
2 gigantic bags of dog bones (gift to the inlaws)

These numbers are actually probably conservative as there's a good chance that there are 3 steaks in some of the bundles and not 2. But seeing as how the steak bill for Christmas (because I didn't get time to get out to MY butcher in December) came to $130 to feed 12 people, bulk buying your beef makes a lot more sense.

We transfer $40 per fortnight to a bulk food account, which gives me a fund to draw on for bulk meat, party foods, specials that go on sale outside of our normal budget (like coffee, when Moccona is 50% off, I will buy 4 of the large size). Having so much read meat on hand keeps my normal shopping bill down, and I can channel my normal grocery money towards chicken, turkey and lamb meat instead. That much red meat will probably last us 7-8 months, and in the meantime we can afford more lamb because our grocery bill is so much cheaper!

If you are thinking about buying meat in bulk, talk to a few of your local butchers to get the best price and make sure you have an empty chest freezer ready to go. That much meat fills up my big freezer to overflowing, and we have to eat only red meat for the first 2 weeks to get it down enough to buy other things.

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  1. That is a lot of meat! I am actually really lucky that we have an amazing grocer about 20minutes away where you can buy at bulk prices but only commit to 3-5kg at a time :) We pay between $7-9 for fillet or sirloin steak :) I only have a small freezer, we worked out we save $80 a quarter on electricity by turning off the big freezer :)


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