Thursday, February 27, 2014

Finding a Heathier Me.....It's Not Easy

I'm fighting a losing battle with my weight at the moment. In a 12 month window I have yoyo'd dramatically up and down the sizing scale, and not really because of anything I am doing wrong. My weight plummeted because of health issues, and the various things I have been through to reestablish my health (steroids, enforced weight gain for surgery...)

Just over 12 months ago, weighing less than I had since early high school
 We don't make specially healthy eating choices, but we also don't make unhealthy eating choices. There is little to no takeaway in our lives, no deep fried goodness, but plenty of veggies. What we don't do lots of is substituting our choices for something healthier. Because our food choices don't scream "I'm blatantly bad!", we think we are eating well. Steak, mash, and veggies isn't that bad, right?

My butt has something to say about that.

I have spent stupid amounts of money on clothes these last 18 months. I dropped 10 dress sizes suddenly overnight when Sebastian was born, and have been gradually putting some of them back on.

1 year later  exactly (Christmas 2013). You can't see my arms, but my
 plumper face tells the story

Every two months I'm wearing a different dress size. And a different bra size. I keep waiting for it to bottom out and find a happy medium, but it isn't happening. Which led me to make some determined, lifestyle changes this month.

Suddenly it was all about healthy choices. Healthy substitutions. 6 seed bread instead of white bread. A handful of nuts instead of a Freddo at 2pm each day. Water instead of juice/soft drink/cordial, and lots of fresh fruits, lean meat, with sides of my favourite veggies (pea's and corn). Some popcorn if I really felt snackish or wanted a treat.

Yeah. Turns out I can't eat any of that stuff. Except the meat. And the water. I landed myself back in hospital for a stay while the doctors cleaned me out and warned me off pretty much everything I was eating. Long story short, the Crohn's disease has left me short on body parts to deal with certain foods, and I have way more surgery ahead of me. Meanwhile, feel free to chow down on KFC and pancakes!

My butt does not thank you, Dr Good Looking (seriously my doctors are handsome fellas). Neither do my arteries. My specialist are really only concerned with how my Crohn's Disease is affecting me, they don't worry about my weight the way I do. With so many foods banned to me, I am floundering to find the compromise between healthy for me and my stupid diet needs, and actually appetising. I do not plan to give up on keeping my weight under control, but I can't do it at the sacrifice of my overall health.

So now it is about searching for substitutions that ticks all my boxes. I can minimise the saturated fat in foods. I can increase my protein, and make sure we are eating plenty of good meats (yay, more turkey, we are getting quite fond of turkey mince bolognaise). No pea's or corn, but I can have broccoli and peeled potato's.

And chocolate. I get to eat plenty of chocolate. Nothing is too bad when chocolate is allowed. Just maybe not a daily 2pm Freddo.

This post was partnered with Flora who offer products clinically proven to reduce cholesterol. Another choice I need to consider if I don't want other health problems to replace my focus on my Crohn's Disease.

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