Monday, February 10, 2014

Contact Me Via The Mob

At work the other day my team recieved an email from the boss. An email that was probably sent in a hurry.

"Working in the city today. Lots of meetings. Contact me by mob".

Within a few minutes the emails were flying thick and fast. The intended audience of a team of dry humoured IT professionals picking up the suggestion and flying with it.

"I didn't realise things were that bad. Do you want us to let your wife know?"

"Did you mean flash mob? I can have one there by lunch"

"Italian or Mexican? I don't think our work insurance covers ransoms".

The emails carried on and on, and I can imagine that as he surreptitiously monitored his emails throughout the meeting that he was in a hard position not to react. Probably torn between laughter and firing the whole team for being pains in the butt.

The reply came late.

"Working in the city tomorrow too. Turns out it's a two day training session. DON'T contact me by mob, smoke signals should be fine."

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