Sunday, February 23, 2014

Cash for Crap

Cash for scrap, cash for crap, same thing.

What do you do when a camera bites the dust? Your laptop or PC is dead and the techinician tells you there's no point repairing it.

Maybe it's your iPhone or iPod that has been cracked and smashed so many times that everything is barely hanging on by a thread and it really is just cheaper to get a new model than keep patching it back up.

Most people I know collect these things randomly around the house until finally they become obsolete and get thrown out. Or they throw them out straight away. After all, it's no use to anyone anymore.


Your rubbish technology is someone elses goldmine of parts! Husband is a technician and can repair just about any household appliance and many tech devices, but often the cost of parts make it pointless. Many technicians and handy people will buy up damaged electricals so that they can strip them for parts at a fraction of the cost.

Before you assume anything is only good for the rubbish bin, get online to eBay to see what you can get for your broken down tech.

Some tips for selling

  • Make sure you disclose exactly what is wrong. Case damage, failure to turn on, performance issues.
  • Remove any hard drives from laptops and PC's and disclose that it is not included
  • Plug items into your PC first in an effort to clear the memory from portable devices such as iPods and iPhones. Do NOT sell if you think there is any chance that it might retain any compromising information

Last year for Christmas, Husband used the parts from x2 TV's he found curbside to create a working 40 inch, LCD TV for Madeleine's bedroom. Total cost to us: $12 to buy a new remote online. Your crap is another mans treasure!

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