Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Beating The Whiff Backstage with Rexona #dancemum

Backstage fun
 As you may have noticed last year by the onslaught of #dancemum social media posts around concert time, I am an enthusiastic backstage mum. You want me to sew sequins? No problems. Glue together kiddy prop costumes? EASY! Manic quick changes backstage from one costume to another in 45 seconds including a change of stockings and shoes? Please, what are you, an amateur? I can do all that with my eyes closed these days.

My tiny little tapper has turned into a graceful ballerina these days, but that's not the only thing that has changed. Our dressing room contains all the oldest girls, probably an age that doesn't really need parent helpers anymore, but we are all so used to being part of the action no-one wants to sit front of house.

Madeleine's first dance costume
 With a room full of a dozen teenage girls, can you imagine how whiffy we start to get a few performances into the show? We do our best to keep the room cool, with the air con on, and the mirror lights only used for applying makeup, but the room heats up and soon enough the girls are dripping with sweat as we pull costumes off them from one dance to another.

Frankly they stink.

Unfortunately the mums probably do too, It's a pretty high paced environment. Last year though, I came prepared. With deodorant. Not just any deodorant. One chosen specially to not leave marks on the girls costumes.

In between dances, the girls would stand panting, gulping down water, waiting for their next stage call, and I would move around the room, spraying each girls underarms as I went.

You better believe there is nothing classy or graceful about the backstage dressing room for a bunch of teenage girls who all do a dozen or more dances each in a 2 hour window.

But it is an insanely fun experience. Every year in the lead up to the concert we all start to get a little dance fatigue. There are so many rehearsals, so many late nights sewing, and we start to wonder if this is the final year. And then the concert rolls around, and we are all backstage together, and we remember why we do it. We love concert night. We love the performance, we love the spotlight on our girls, we love watching a years worth of their hard work culminate in a grand display.

And once again we are back again.

In thinking about this post, I did a shout out to our dancing girls to ask what they look for in a deodorant. Their top answers?

No White Marks
Smells Great
Battles BO
Nice Packaging

That's a pretty basic wish list. And it more or less matches what I would say myself, except I would also say that I am looking for a small bottle that I can fit in a handbag instead of in a large sports or school bag.

This post was brought to you in partnership with Rexona. If you are looking for a great deodorant that won't leave white marks, you can't go past the Rexona Crystal range. There's also some amazing research going on in relation to preventing excessive sweat over at the Rexona Clinical site with new, body responsive technology changing lives.

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