Friday, February 21, 2014

A Yard for The Whole Family

We built our first family home, which was both a wonderful and frustrating experience. Anyone who has built before will understand the agony, the surprise costs, things not turning out as expected, misunderstandings with the builder over what is included, and that frustration when everything is not perfect.

Building a house is a huge emotional investment. When handover day for our beautiful new home finally rocked around, we were devastated to see that the whole side and back of the house had not been turfed. After a lengthy and restrained conversation with our site manager about whether backyard turfing was included in our contract, they returned the next day to finish, only to run out of turf supplies before the side could be done.

More than happy to be an ongoing pain in the site managers butt, I insisted I wanted the side turfed. And finally it was done. It looked a little different to the front and back, better actually, but not knowing much about grass, we assumed it was just further developed somehow.

Weeks and months went by, and my neighbours and I met and bonded while watering our grass, each of us determined to end up with luscious, green, yards that would be the envy of all. In the end it was all right. I wouldn't call it luscious, but it was all right.

It was just OK. Nothing special.
Except for the side. The side was this gorgeous, dark green, thick and plush lawn, that was so delicious to sit on that my daughter and friends would always choose there to play outside. They loved that this patch never got bindi's and they could go barefoot.

Fast forward 10 years later, and most of our lawn was brittle due to an extreme lack of interest in looking after it. Once again I say, except for the side. Just like the rest we had pretty much ignored it, but it was still beautiful and thick.

10 years later and it was horrible
Turns out the majority of the lawn was something cheap and nasty, but this side bit was a buffalo variety, something a little bit better. Had I understood what a difference it would make over the years, I absolutely would have made the decision to pay more and get a long wearing, better quality variety for the whole yard. What is the point of grass that can't be walked on?

How beautiful is this side bit of grass? You wouldn't think it
was the same yard as the photo above, taken 6 months apart
Now that we are saving and planning to build another new house, this time decent turf is on my must have list. I am not going to waste a cent on grass that is high maintenance and will end up being bindi ridden and brown. I'm not even going to pick a variety myself. I am going to go straight to the experts with the details of our yard, the times of day it gets shade, and the long term usage expectations to get advice on a decent turf. I'm no longer motivated by a desire for a yard that others will envy, I want a yard that I can roll on with my babies, and that they will want to play on.

What's been your experience with grass in the past? Will your kids play outside if there are bindi's, or do they avoid it like mine?

This post was brought to you in partnership with Active Turf who provide family friendly turf in Sydney. In addition to turf supplies, they will also give complimentary over the phone advice. Check out their website for heaps on information on lawn care, all geared towards families. If you are interested in the beautiful lush green Buffalo variety I photographed above, check out the Kings Pride Buffalo Turf.


  1. Oh I love lying on luscious green grass! We don't have a yard but at work we have a few varieties and you can really tell the difference in quality!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Looks great! Nothing better than good grass to sit and to play on. Nice family photo too
    visiting fybf. Have a great weekend xx


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