Thursday, January 16, 2014

Memories of Madeleine #4

Mummy Hearts Money is sharing 13 memories of my biggest little girl, in tribute to her 13th birthday this month. Most of these stories are "Have to be there" kind of memories, but I love them, they make me smile.

This Christmas just gone, Santa brought Madeleine (and me!) a Bobble bottle for Christmas. Never heard of a Bobble bottle? They are a good, hefty sized drink bottle with a changeable filter built into the pull top drinking spout. I've wanted one for a while, and I knew she would want one too when she saw it, so I slipped them both under the tree.

Sure enough as soon as she opened her Bobble bottle, Maddy let out a squeal.

"It's got a FERTALISER Mum! Awesome! Now my water can be FERTALISED!"

No sweetness. You just made my Christmas day, but no. While you're fertalising your water, I'll be filtering mine.

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