Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Memories of Madeleine #3

Mummy Hearts Money is sharing 13 memories of my biggest little girl, in tribute to her 13th birthday this month. Most of these stories are "Have to be there" kind of memories, but I love them, they make me smile.

A couple of months or so after she started daycare, I picked Maddy up one winter afternoon. As always, I was cutting it really close to closing time, but scraped in just in time and took my sandy 2 year old home for dinner.

About 10 minutes later, I got a phone call from one of the workers.

"Um, Elise, by any chance does Maddy have my keys?" A quick patdown of my toddler and a check of her bags and carseat didn't produce any keys, and I was happy to reassure her carers that she didn't klepto their keys. But some follow through questioning produced different results.

"Do you know where Charmaine's keys are bub?". My cherub nodded solemnly. At the other end of the phone, I could hear myself being put on speaker, as all the staff being held up by this delay gathered around to listen.

"Where are they?". She beamed with pride. "I HID them!" she chortled, "It's a SECRET". The staff were all starting to laugh, lots of renewed activity searching in 2 year old hiding places was happening. Apparently the previous search had been restricted to absent minded adult hiding places. Eventually I was able to coax out of her that she had hidden her beloved Charmaine's keys in a drawer in the baby room, and no one had thought to look there. Everyone had had to stay until the keys were found, because the centre couldn't be locked up without them.

I suspect no one put their keys down around Maddy anymore after that.

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