Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Memories of Madeleine #11

Mummy Hearts Money is sharing 13 memories of my biggest little girl, in tribute to her 13th birthday this month. Most of these stories are "Have to be there" kind of memories, but I love them, they make me smile.

The year Maddy started year 5 she started to take on more responsibility around the house. She made the transition from cleaning up her own messes in her bedroom and playroom, to also cleaning the toilet and bathroom each week as one of her standard chores.

At 10 years old she was more than old enough to take it on, but teaching her was still pretty funny. She was so grossed out by the idea of having to touch the toilet in any way, handling the sponge with thumb and fingertip as though it would explode if she squeezed it.

That first day there was heaps of laughter as she got into the room, and it took so long for her to get through, but every week she got faster and faster.

Truth is she was probably cleaning the bathroom better back then at 10 then she is now at 13. Back then she got into it determined to hunt down every speck of dirt and wipe it up whereas now she is seemingly blind to any marks or dirt and will insist the room is finished before a sponge has been squeezed.

Sometimes I really miss 10.

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  1. Cool kid! And exemplary as well. Nice that she's taking duties this early and understands them enough to do them well. Maybe next time, she can figure out all the other house chores, with the top-line appliances on the ready. Yeah, that should be something.

    Deidra Shaefer @ Minuteman


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