Thursday, January 9, 2014

Memories of Madeleine #1

My big girl turns 13 this month. I have to face the breath taking reality that my life changing baby is THIRTEEN, a teenager, a young woman, 5 years away from finishing school, 2 years away from getting her first job, 3 years till she gets her did this happen?

I started this blog when she was 10, a lovely girl still playing with her toys and having Mummy plait her hair for school each day. I've held back on writing about her over the years, because I really feel she needs to grow and make mistakes without the possible publicity on my blog hanging over her head. But because she was such a big girl when I started, I also haven't had a chance to share much of the hilarity and fun that has been her life so far.

This month, in honour of her 13th birthday, I will be sharing 13 of my favourite Madeleine memories.

Madeleine Memory #1

A few weeks into Kindergarten, I picked up my grotty, enthusiastic 5 year old from after school care. As usual she was bubbling over with the days events, desperate to share everything as quickly as possible. Walking out the door together, I noticed my little grubber scraping her feet as she walked. Why? The shoelaces in her lovely, brand new shoes were gone. Nowhere to be seen. What the?

"What happened to your shoelaces?!?" I exclaimed. She glanced down casually at her feet and did a double take.

"They're gone!" she cried in horror. "Where did my shoelaces go?!"

I know she 100% had shoelaces in her shoes when I dropped her off that morning. And how anyone, even my child, could possibly not notice that her laces were gone while she dragged her shoes around the school is beyond my knowledge. Not even the after school care people or her teacher could shed any light on this one. Those shoe laces just "disappeared" according to Madeleine, and to this day it is still one of life's mysteries.

Stay tuned for Madeleine Memory #2.

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