Friday, January 10, 2014

Choosing a Bed To Last the Distance

From time to time Mummy Hearts Money will write partnered posts, especially when the opportunities tie in so beautifully with where we are at and what we are up to. This is a partnered post with who came out of nowhere right when we were starting to think about Maddy's next bed.

When Maddy was a wee tot of 2, we did lots of window shopping before finally settling on her big girl bed, the bed that would see her through to her teen years.

It's an exciting time and we definately put lots of thought into it.We ended up getting her this bed, and we (and she!) were in love with it. We put a decent amount of money into this bed, thinking it would last at LEAST 10 years.

Only a few short years later though, and we updated the bed to a trundle day bed. There were so many factors we didn't think about when buying her bed, things that would have meant we could make a better, long term decision. We found that due to the layout of Maddy's room, we either had to block her window with this high bed, block the door so it only partially opened, or she had to squeeze in between the ladder and wardrobe to climb the bed. The trundle/daybed fit nicely under the window, and we didn't have the same issues with blocking the door or built ins.

Hot Tip

Take the measurements of the bed you are interested in and use masking tape to put an accurate outline on the floor of the room where you plan to put it.

Do you still have good access to wardrobes, doors, windows? Will a ladder be easy to get to, and will other features of the bed (such as trundle or cupboards) be usable in that configuration?

Things to Consider?

The Mars Midi Sleeper, currently on sale for $799
A Captains Bunk (like the one we got Maddy) gives you an all in one design with storage, a desk, a cubby crawl space underneath, but can take up a huge amount of space once you allow for the ladder, the desk to be pulled out and doors to be opened. This is a great option if the room configuration allows for it.

The Royal Princess Carriage bed -alas not on sale but still
Will this bed need to be handed down to a sibling at a later date, or is this only meant for one special little cherub? A pink carriage bed might be your little princess's dream, but it's possible your little dragon slayer had something else in mind. A nuetral colour and style that will work with all kids of accessories might be the way to go if more than one child will eventually use this bed.

The Stanley Bunk separate into twin beds. The Celeste Double Bunk gives plenty of space for everyone!
Will more than one child be sharing the room? Instead of twin singles, think about getting a bunk. These days, it's even possible to get bunks with a double down the bottom so that an older child can have some extra space while sharing with a younger sibling. And if the kids will get their own rooms down the track, think about getting a bunk that can separate into twin singles later on - no need for new beds!

At 13, Maddy looks like she is getting a little too big for her standard single daybed/trundle. The time has definately come for us to consider getting her something a little bigger, and although we considered a king single, it makes more sense to get her a double. I'm guessing that in about 5 years (or less!) she would outgrow a king single and want something bigger, so we may as well postpone the day that she will need to buy a queensize and get  her a double now. Hopefully this decision will buy us more than 5 years out of her next bed.

Danni Double Bed, something to see her to her early adult years
And tempted as I am by the gorgeous princess carriage bed, Lorelei can upgrade from the toddler bed to Maddy's lovely daybed, which should do her for at least 10 years. And Sebastian? When the time comes for him to come out of his cot, he will go into Lorelei's walnut toddler bed for a few years. By planning smart, you can make each bed purchase stretch well beyond it's initial owner.

And here's the best part. Not only is bedsonline (the source of all those lovely beds above except for Maddys captains bunk) having an awesome sale, but they have given Mummy Hearts Money an exclusive code to offer my readers for and additional 10% off! If you were wanting to upgrade/change around the bedrooms in your home, now is the time to do it!


  1. Great tips on big girl beds! Will have to remember these as my daughter gets older. Who would have thought there were so many bed options!!!!

  2. Great advice. My 2 year old is still in a cot but I'm starting to think about big boy beds. Love the idea of a bunk that will make 2 single beds later if we want x

  3. We had a limited space when we updated our son to big boy bed. Basically there was no room for a bedside table so we chose one with a bench built into the bed head.

    Though I think we should have added the trundle option into it for sleep overs.


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