Saturday, January 25, 2014

Australia Day Weekend Shenanigans

What are Australia Day celebrations without a bare butt? Nothing I tell you. Every year there is one relative who just has to take things a little too far.

You may be thinking that alcohol was involved. You might be wrong.

Australia Day yumminess
We gathered today with extended family for a BBQ and a swim. It was actually Lorelei's first outing in big girl panties, except for preschool and Teta's we haven't been game to leave the house in knickers yet. She was doing fantastic, using the toilet when prompted, but eventually the time came when I realised we had a small mishap, and in the absence of any spare knickers (whoops!) she went into a nappy.

We were some of the last relo's to leave, I just can't help yacking on when I get a chance, and Husband suddenly realised that (once again) we had lost track of a toddler on the large sprawling property home we were visiting. He nipped off down the back of the yard to track her down and I blithely kept up Mummy duties with the toddler who was willing to stay where I could see him. It's luck of the draw.

I get the one who's behaving, Husband gets the one that's missing.

Suddenly a noise from the glass door to the house grabbed my attention and I realised I had a nudie toddler pressed up against the door dangling her unwanted nappy from her hand.

So lovely that my family who only see me once or twice every 25 years get to experience all the ins and outs of our family life. She didn't display the lovely manners that I've drilled into her. Nor much of her cute 2 year old wiles, instead ignoring most people and wandering around doing her own thing. She did however display her bare fanny.

It would be nice to say that I jumped up to deal with it, but I went into fits of giggles and made Husband deal with our streaker.

Happy Australia Day for tomorrow everyone.

(My cousin reproduced the watermelon masterpiece from a pinterest photo. There is no way in hell I could have reproduced that, the simple act of cutting up the watermelon would have had a kitchen bench covered in water, seeds, and pink goop, so I'm giving her a legit #nailedit)


  1. Is it wrong if I say that sounds like a cute story haha


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