Tuesday, December 31, 2013

So Much To Blog About, So Little Time. December in Review

This has been an insanely busy month. A month full of things to blog about, that never end up being blogged about. So at the end of the month, when everyone is writing resolution posts, you get a wrap up instead. It's gold, you better appreciate it.

Let me recap - the month in review:

Miss 12 had her 13th birthday party (despite not turning 13 for another month, long story). It was all kinds of fun, and I took my first stab at a two tier cake (yay me for success, lets not look too close).

Post Concert with favourite

We had her dancing concert as well - which on it's own equals 3/4 of the month what with rehearsals, costume fittings, photo shoots, normal classes, sewing costumes, more sewing costumes, and hey, lets not stop sewing costumes just because the concert has started. If you are a dance mum, I would love to see your tweets, Instagrams and Facebook posts next year marked with #dancemum. Lets make it a thing. Because we are a breed of our own.

The two littlies had their daycare end of year party. Maddy wasn't there with us because, surprise, surprise, she was at dancing.

Don't worry Tebastian, I'll protect you from Santa
We've baked. Turns out Lorelei is awesome fun in the kitchen if you don't mind sticky little fingers going into EVERYTHING. See that birthday cake far above? Lets just not think about her contribution.

There have been Christmas lights. Some seriously beautiful new entries into the locality this year. This one at Erskine Park with "Snow" was our favourite this year. The owners sit outside and had a friendly chat with us, it was just lovely how much effort they went to as a first timer on the lights scene. 

This year was our first effort as well and it pretty much constituted 1 string of 200 across the front of the house. I had grander idea's but the other 600 went out the back on the pool decking to make it pretty for Maddy's party.

With all these parties I had to boycott my own company end of year party - way too much going on and between cake baking and costume sewing something had to give. 10 years and this is the first big bash I have missed. Oh well.

I started a new job and got 4 days in before going on annual leave. Feeling a little surplus to requirements at work as my main job is finding it hard to slot me in on my return from maternity leave, but I've dodged the bullet for a few months with a secondment to IT. Since I can't tell my left mouse button from my right this is proving interesting. I'm sure the experienced techy people I am working with are wondering what the hell I'm doing on their team, but I can only improve....right? In the meantime it's good resume building experience (and actually kind of fun....yes...IT....fun)

I'm important enough to have x2 laptops. Now to figure out what to do with them.
Then of course there was Christmas, and the kids rakes in a million gifts. Lorelei and Seb started out slow, getting quite upset when they were expected to abandon the first AMAZING gift from Santa in favour of opening another anonymous gift. Once they got on a roll though.....Lorelei had to be watched like a hawk after that as she was more than happy to open every present for everyone after that. My sticker labelling system had mixed results. On the one hand Lorelei was quite clear over who's present it was, and very generous in handing it over to the recipient, but still couldn't quite see afterwards that the contents of the parcel belonged to the recipient.

Lolly plays with the toy....Seb plays
with the box
"Look Mum! My drink bottle comes
with a fertaliser!" FILTER love, filter.

Post Boxing Day brings us on a road trip to Melbourne to visit my sister and family and Sebastian really came into his own. At 16 months he has taken a small handful of steps back home, just the kind from Mummy to Dad, but hasn't made any real effort to walk. The minute his little toes hit the plush carpet of their living room he was off and running and hasn't stopped since. Turns out it was all the hard surfaces in his life that were holding him back. We have all floor boards in our new home, his grandparents have all tiles, preschool has hard surfaces, none of them good for a little guy needing a soft surface to give him confidence to fall and get up again.

Isn't he a clever boy! He grew another tooth this week too, finally getting one up the top. Maybe we can get past all the tantrums now when he can't quite deal with something super yummy.

HUGE, massive month, and I could have written alot more. I probably will. In January.

See you all in January peeps! Have a wonderful New Year, filled with fireworks and resolutions.


  1. My hat goes off to all you dance mums! My sisters are both in your tribe and I imagine I will be too in a few years :) Your kids are so gorgeous - love the photos. Congrats on making a two tier cake too! Happy new year to you and your family :)

  2. What an action packed month! But you and your little troops all look happy amidst all the busy-ness. Love that little clip of your little boy doing his little toddle walk. Quite an interesting point about the hard vs. soft surfaces making a difference in some kiddies' confidence in learning to walk. We have a lot of tiles and floorboards in our house too... will definitely keep this one in mind when it's my baby's turn to try her first steps.

  3. I'm a dance mum, but thankfully we don't have to sew the costumes!!
    Huge month for you. December always seems crazy busy doesn't it? I think I need all of January to get over it!


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