Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ho Ho Help

After last years disaster, I was determined that we would have a smooth running Santa photo day this year. As usual, I might as well have not bothered to set out a roster and timeline of events for the day.

Once again I decided to forgo the $30+ shots available in the shopping centre and get a freebie from Harvey Norman instead. Husband point blank refused to go up an hour early and line up for me, ignoring my insistence that the lines would be huge. He was mortified last year to be the only person in a line of 1 and nothing I could say would get him up there this year.

I had everyone dressed and shiny clean at a good time, and locked Madeleine in Lorelei in a room together, making sure that there was no liquid or food of any kind to be found in the room. Madeleine was given instructions to keep her sister clean, and threats promises of all kinds were made to ensure this would occur. I seem to recall issuing this instruction last year and finding my toddler covered head to toe in bright green paint 10 minutes later.

5 minutes before Santa was due I marched my clean and happy family proudly into an almost empty Harvey Norman only to find out that Santa arrived at 11. Not at 10.


Do you know how hard it is to occupy a toddler and a baby for an hour without them getting mucky in some way? I normally cope with outings and long periods of waiting by throwing food at them as though they were desperate toddlers.

We took off for a walk to other shops in the complex, heading back at 10:45 to finally wait in line. A line that was now 40 families deep.


Husband was carefully avoiding eye contact and pointing out the positive opportunity to look around the store. I took off with the kids and talked a salesman into putting a cartoon on the 50 or so TV's so that my kids could have their choice of various top notch surround sound, 3D, or simply ginormous for the next hour until our turn was finally up.

Lorelei took one look at the fat guy and burst into tears, scrambling up me like a monkey trying to get to bananas in her effort to get as far away as possible. Sebastian promptly started yanking away on his beard, determined to spoil the dreams of the 50 or so children waiting behind us, and Madeleine did us proud by sitting patiently with a sweet smile.

Ho Ho...Hurry Up
Once again the salesman seemed a little incredulous that we only wanted the free package and no amount of prompting shames me into upgrading to the $10 package, cheap as it is. It might have had something to do with our turning up in formal wear for our freebie, who knows?

Have you got your Santa photo yet? Winner or disaster? Freebie or Fancy?


  1. We had our Santa photograph done yesterday. I organised the outfits well in advance, had snacks, drink bottles, toys to distract the children and left after my youngest had slept. We arrived at a great time, hardly any one there - hooray! My youngest, who is one screamed as soon as I put him on Santa's lap. The photographer was just brilliant, really patient and let my other children have photographs, then took individual ones and I had one too. I didn't get the 'perfect' Santa photograph that every one talks about with all my three children. I did however get a USB of many photographs. Oh well, at least I have a funny photograph to show at my bub's 21st!

  2. Lovely pic! There is no way I can get a Santa photo this year. My daughter hates him and screams like a banshee every time she sees him!


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