Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Spirit for the Toddler

All that is from Santa. For 3 kids. Shake your head. Go on.
Maybe you have that much for 1 kid lol. Maybe you think
that is overboard.
When Lorelei was born we made the deliberate decision to NOT buy another Santa sack. Most people we know have a Santa sack per child, but we had learnt over the years that we were buying Maddy way too much in an effort to fill the sack and also have plenty of gifts from Mum and Dad under the tree. There was also the issue that as Maddy got older, the presents got smaller in size and looked alot less impressive in the sack.

Even when Seb came along I stuck to my guns and we still only have 1 Santa sack. I was concerned this year though that we may have a problem with Miss 2.5year old claiming all the gifts meant for 1.5 year old Seb or her AND Seb as her own, which pretty much seems the way of it in our home at the moment. The last thing I want is tears and tantrums on Christmas Day because Lolly is a pretty grabby toddler these days but Seb is learning to stake his claim.

Before you shake your head at me for not teaching my child manners and allowing this kind of behaviours - I don't - but as with all things, coaching out the grabby gene is a work in progress. She's a toddler, it is what it is, as far as she is concerned everything is "Mine".

So what I've done to help Lolly get into the Christmas fun of handing out gifts and understand ownership a little better is create some photo sticker labels. Instead of just writing their name (she can't read yet) I've put their photo on each tag. So far this seems to be a great idea, because she has spotted a few under the tree and I've heard announcements like "Tebastian's present Mummy!" or "present for Lolali?" in response to the correct photo.

How did we do it?

Easiest tags ever. First I purchased a pack of Avery branded sticker labels from the stationary aisle at the supermarket (proper stationary store would probably give you more options). Avery has the template already made at their website, so it was a quick matter of choosing a Christmas label and uploading our photo's in place of their suggested address template.

I liked that it let me print only as many labels as I wanted so I didn't have to use the whole page.

This year I've labelled all our presents this way, as Lolly is far too young to realise and be suspicious that Mummy and Santa have the same MO. But in later years this might be something just for Santa. Or maybe just for Mummy, maybe Santa will use different coloured wrap for each child. Not sure yet.

Do you have a system for helping your kids tell apart who's present is who's?

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  1. Great post! I love these labels, what a fantastic way to encourage the art of giving not receiving! Merry Christmas!


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