Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Third Person

Out of the blue this week, Lorelei started talking in the third person. It took me a few days to figure it out, because at the same time she started referring to herself in an unexpected way.

"Mummy, your baby wants a drink."

Really? 1 year old Sebastian wants a drink and you noticed?

"Your baby is cold. Pick up your baby and give a hug".

Huh? Seriously. Huh?

It took me days to catch on, because I kept thinking she was talking about Seb, and the things she was saying were a little weird.

We're not sure sure why she started calling herself my baby, although we've got a few theories. It's only to me that she refers to herself that way, with Husband she still talks in the first person, which sort of makes sense because I actually call her "my baby". As in "Come here, my baby", "bedtime, my baby", and "I love you, my baby". It's a term of endearment, although I realise at 2 it might sound a little strange to others.

It could also be a part and parcel of why she is taking so long to sleep at night right now. I spend easily 2 hours each night with her, settling her to sleep, and I have a feeling both the extended settling time and the new "your baby" 3rd person is her reaching out for a little more attention.

With a high maintenance 12 year old absorbing alot of negative attention right now, and a 1 year old who naturally sidetracks me because he still needs alot of hands on care, I'm not surprised she is looking for ways to get my focus on just her.

She can be my baby as long as she wants. 

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