Wednesday, November 13, 2013

So Heres The Thing.....#DPCON14

Back in 2012 I had the fun of going to my first ever blogging conference only a few months after starting up my blog.

The good Lord only knows how I managed it, but I was actually sponsored to go by the killer peeps over at Lasoo, a website I use ALL THE TIME. I approached them completely randomly, and almost passed out when I got a phone call to say they would foot the bill. They didn't care that I was a teeny blog with only a few followers, and they didn't even stipulate any return gratification.

Even as a baby blogger with only 6 months under my belt I got so much out of the conference. This time around, more than 2 years later, I expect to come out as the Blogosphere Shakespeare, an expert in my field and the most fascinating writer of my day.

Or maybe not. Maybe I'll just come away with a better understanding of my readers, myself, and my industry. Regardless, we'll all see an improvement in my content.

So here's the thing. Now that I've worked with a few brands, done a few giveaways, attended a few events, I have a better idea of the value I have to offer. If you are a business interested in sponsoring Money Hearts Money to attend A CRUISE OMG MY FIRST CRUISE Digital Parents Conference, I can offer....well just about anything you want, including but not limited to:

-Tattooing your brand on my forehead
- An introduction post about your service/products
- 3 months side bar advertising
- Have your logo imprinted on the left breast of my bikini
- Ongoing byline in the disclosure of all posts about the lead up and execution of the event (I can promise a fair few!)
- My soul
- Series of topical posts sponsored by yourself in the byline
- Wear branded clothing or make use of branded stationary in conference events.

But wait! There's more! Mummy Hearts Money isn't selfish, there are sponsorship opportunities for more than one company! I don't just need a ticket, I can make real good use of the following too:

-Clothing. I actually have none, thanks to constant and ongoing weight changes. In 9 months I have dropped 5 dress sizes and fluctuated up and down between them thanks so some niggling health problems. Feel free to dress me and be confident that I will photobomb every blogger I come near so that your garments appear on dozens of Instagram and Facebook feeds. Just don't dress me till the last second because who knows what size I will be then.
-Technology. Seriously I actually have none. Mummy Hearts Money is written almost 100% on my home desktop PC, shared with Husband and the 12 year old. Last time I watched with envy as bloggers tapped idly away on tablets and used awesome camera's.
- Luggage. I have a rolly bag, with 1 wheel broken that I will happily use. But if there is a luggage company out there that thinks I should be really be rolling something a little more schmick......well I agree.
- Insurance. I don't do anything without insurance! Insuring the trip, insuring myself.....and seeing as how there will be hundreds of bloggers on this trip, don't you think it would be a good thing if someone like me was telling them how awesome your insurance product is?

Husband asked me to insert an additional request for home help for him for the 3 days I would be away. Don't panic potential sponsors, I told him to stop kidding himself. It's enough that there are plenty of you hoping to outfit, insure and gadget me up without looking after him too.

If you are dying to sponsor Mummy Hearts Money and would like to talk turkey about the nitty gritty of what I can do for you, please contact me at, and rest assured your email will be more important than my household chores, Big Bang Theory time, and Farmville. Unfortunately the kids have to take priority though. 


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