Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Save Some Money and Don't Commit!

I'm not a fan of paying full price. Ever. I'll make use of reward/affiliate sites, discounts and vouchers to bring a price down, and look under every rock before giving up on the item rather than paying full price. These days everyone knows to use Google to search for discount codes before buying, but I have a few other tricks up my sleeve for getting discounts.

Step #1. Become a full customer of a site, by either filling in profiles, starting a purchase and providing details, or joining a newsletter. Each site is different, but the key is to make sure they have your details and are tracking your site movements.

Step #2. Anytime there is something I am interested in on a website, I spend some time browsing before adding what I am interested in to my cart (and there might be quite a few things).

Step #3. Go through the checkout process all the way to point of commitment, and then stop. Just before you commit.

Exit your browser and give it 24 hours. Many websites are tracking your movements and now consider you a hot lead. Often I will receive an email from the site within a few hours offering a discount code, the items I am interested marked down specifically, or free shipping, anything to entice me to come back and commit.

OO is one that I use this trick successfully with, and Dealsdirect, and it never ceases to tickle me to have the discount code arrive. This works especially well when the item I am interested in is on sale, and landing free shipping makes the price even better!

Identity Direct is another I found had a similar tactic recently. After completing their cart process with some personalised books I was interested in, I tried to close my browser down only to have a pop up chat window appear offering me a free shipping code to complete the transaction. Annoyingly enough they only let you use one code at a time, however the free shipping code gave me a greater discount than the sale code I had been playing with beforehand.

Always try and use multiple codes before completing a purchase anywhere. You never know when the discounts can be used in tandem and the savings made even greater. The old don't commit trick is best used in the very first hours of a sale, to enable time for automatic discount offers to arrive before the sale ends.

Have you got any tricks for getting discounts for your online shopping?


  1. Thats so clever, I never would have thought of this, Thanks for sharing :)

  2. That is such a great idea. I honestly had this happen to me for the first time last month and didn't even consider the fact that this could be used as a discount strategy! Thanks for the tip!!!!

  3. Such great tips! I am totally going to test them out!!!


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