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Dirty Rotten Scoundrels The Musical OR Hot Tips For Driving In the City

I took Maddy along to see Dirty Rotten Scoundrels last month. She was annoyed that she missed out on seeing Grease with me, so when tickets to DRS came up, I agreed to take her with me.

It was an adventure. I'm not a good city driver to start with. I usually cunningly find an excuse to car pool with someone else. I'll happily pay the tolls or the parking in exchange FOR NOT DRIVING IN THE CITY.

"Remember this, you're giving them what they want. Specifically what they want."

Husband is used to my hysterical phone calls, upset because I can't turn right BUT I NEED TO TURN RIGHT, or the street is one way BUT ITS THE WRONG WAY, or because the navigator is stupid and needs to SHUT UP BEFORE I THROW HER OUT THE WINDOW.

Driving in the city brings out the nasty adolescent in me. This was the 12 year olds first experience and much as I tried to stay calm and focused during a typically stressful still resulted in her patting me on the back and promising me it would be OK.

Before I get to the actual review of the show, here are my top tips for getting there:

-CHECK your stupid navigator and make sure she hasn't translated 108 King Street SYDNEY into 108 King Street NEWTOWN without telling you. It will save you alot of grief driving up and down King St NEWTOWN looking for the non-existent theatre.
-PREBOOK your parking at the venue at Wilson Parking for $15. Save $10 on the gate price. I assumed we would have plenty of time to park at a much further parking lot that's cheap and stroll down so didn't bother. For the convenience of parking right beneath the theatre at a reasonable price for city parking its worth prebooking.

"You know, I'm starting to think someone put alcohol in that Champagne."

Moving on to the Theatre Royal, it's a beautiful venue and the staff were just lovely. Not only did they give me wonderful directions for getting there from King St Newtown, but they were looking out for us to arrive.
We were a tiny bit late for the show, and staff were handling us with kid gloves as we picked up our tickets and were shown to our seat. We were in fabulous moods by then, the stress of city driving behind me, and Miss 12 and I were giggly and excited to be at a show together. Staff members pulled me aside in the intermission specially to ask if the show was making up for the drive, and to compliment us on being so happy and excited in the face of missing part of the beginning. They were so lovely and chatty, I haven't had such personal attention before at a theatre.

I didn't know what to expect from the show having never see the movie, but within minutes of sitting down Miss 12 and I were laughing away at the story line and the comedic actors they have playing the male leads. Tony Sheldon as Lawrence and Matt Hetherington as Freddy were fabulous, their timing was spot on and their facial expressions added so much punch to their lines.

"Relax my friend. We both know my intimate relationship with Lady Luck."

For anyone else who hasn't seen the movie, the storyline follows 2 con men as they race to see who can get the money off their mark, an heiress, in the quickest time. The show takes a funny twist as the heiress Christina turns the tables unexpectedly and cons them instead. 

John Wood (remember the police chief in Blue Heelers many moons ago) is a great addition to the company, reeling out a terrible french accent for his part as Andre, cohort to one of our con men.

"Now I want you to sit quietly and observe while I play her like a piano"

There was the occasional humorous but raunchy little scene that I probably didn't want Maddy seeing. At 12 these things no longer go over her head, and I realised after looking around the audience that she was the only child there. While she found it very funny, I would suggest this is a show to take Husband to, not the tween!

All in all a show worth seeing. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels run from October 2013 at the Theatre Royal Sydney.

Tickets can be purchased from Ticketmaster and Showbiz. As always, crosscheck your days and seating against both as often the pricing is different. You can find out more about the show here.

I wasn't paid for the opinions or experience in this post, however the tickets for Miss 12 and I were gifted. You can read more in my diclosure statement here.

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