Saturday, October 12, 2013

Working 2 Jobs: Who Has The Time?

Did you know I work two jobs? At different times in our lives, both Husband and I have had 2 jobs, sometimes both at the same time, sometimes just one of us.

It really depends what is going on in our lives, and what our financial goals are at the time. I picked up some term time only Saturday work while I was on maternity leave this year to help make ends meet, and although I have returned to my job part time, Husband and I have decided that I will keep my Saturday job for a while.

So many people I know tell me they don't have the time for a casual job, or they wouldn't work weekends and evenings. There are times that we feel a little like that too, but this is our thought process for keeping an extra job right now:

- Miss 12 takes dancing lessons for several hours on a Saturday. That rules out any Saturday excursions for us during term time anyway.
- We are quite keen to take a small overseas holiday before Sebastian turns two next August (and we have to start paying FIVE airfares to go anywhere). If we let this casual job pay into a separate account and leave it alone, it could be almost enough to pay for a holiday over an 18 month period.
- My work hours fit quite nicely with Madeleine's dancing lessons, so I can drop her off and pick up easily as we are near one another, and we both get home in the early afternoon - plenty of time left for family time!

So while this job eats into some key housework time, and means I have less time to spend with Husband and the babies, it doesn't really have that big an impact.

Husband gets some along time with the babies, and we kick off things like laundry on Friday night and early Saturday morning before I leave. We seem to be able to fit everything in, and no-one is missing out.

Now I just have to crack out the travel brochures and decide: Bali or a cruise? Which would you choose?


  1. Cruise ;)

    I think it is a wise choice at this time in your life to keep the Saturday job especially since it slips so well into your current lifestyle. It is a juggle doing multiple jobs, being a mum, housework and family, but if you are organised, have support and a goal, it's doable. Good luck :)

    1. I'm not sure if I can keep it up next year! Somehow the fact that it ties in so well with Maddy's dance classes makes it easier - we never make any contradicting plans. But if she didn't have dancing....I think I'd end up wanting to do stuff with the family, but we'll see. I'm so torn! We would love a cruise but I keep remembering this is our cheapest chance to go oversea's while Seb is <2. We have to pay for him regardless ona cruise

  2. Thank's for your information and i like this post

  3. I have heard cruises are great with kids - heaps of entertainment and with food included you don't have to worry about that as a extra in your budget not to mention you can't cook so you get a holiday too!! We haven't tried it yet but hopefully we will soon!

  4. We went to Bali two years ago and it was the most relaxing holiday we've ever had. I always worry about there being too many old people on cruises lol!
    Depends what your priorities are on a holiday?


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