Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Where's Wally?


Or should I say, Where's Lolly?

I got a call from the kitchen today, "Mummy! Come quick, I'm hiding!".

This is a pretty standard game for us, and the hiding places are what you would expect for a 2 year old. Sometimes she has a towel over her head as she stands in the middle of the room, other times she might be sitting under the table.

The glass topped table. With no table cloth. This kid isn't winning any prizes in a camouflage competition.

But today it took me a second, usually it's pretty obvious. Can you see her?

Is she in one of the pantries? No, although it wouldn't be the first time she's climbed in. But I can tell she's not in there from the absence of Tupperware or food items on the floor.

Is she behind the door into the other living area? No, but again, that's actually a favourite. There would probably be fingers peeking around the door.

Nope, as you probably narrowed down by the weirdness of a random travel laundry hamper in the shot, she has climbed inside (after first dragging it from our room where it is currently in use).

Where's Lolly?

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