Monday, October 7, 2013

Siblings Never Change

Scrolling back 25+ years, and I remember the joy of niggling my much old sister for her attention. Any attention. A thump on the arm, a squawk of frustration, a hug, kiss, board game time, or chat. Usually I got the thump on the arm or a whine of irritation to Mum.

"She's so annoying! Muuuuum, make her stop!". Usually she was put very firmly in her place and told to suck it up. Occasionally I might be told wearily to leave her alone, but mostly she was roused at for being a whiney cry-Buffy.

Scroll forward again to our road trip to Rylstone this week and my kids are no different. 1 year old Sebastian loves his position of centre seat as it gives him access to both siblings. He can't quite compete with 2 year old Lolly yet, as she takes toys and car entertainments off him with mild scolding.

"Not for babies, Bastian. For big girls".

No amount of intervention is solving that one yet, as she is also too little to reason with, so Seb will just have to wait till he is strong enough to hold onto his possessions.

12 year old Madeleine is another story. Sebastian delights in plucking at her bra strap and letting it fling back, knowing that she will shriek in irritation every time. "Stop it" she shouts, and Sebastian gurgles with laughter.

Once she has secured her bra strap from him, he'll start to blow raspberries at her, getting more and more effort behind them till she wipes her face and starts to whine.

"Muuuum, he's so gross! Make him stop! Stop it Sebastian, that's disgusting!". Lolly will join in with this, and tells her brother solemnly that "Spittings gusting, stop it Bastian". He chortles and laughs, flapping his hands at Madeleine, trying to catch her to play. Once the spitting has settled, she goes back to ignoring him though, so he has to pull out the big guns.

The leg. He sticks it out and lets it graze her arm, oh so slightly. She twitches, compresses her lips and continues to ignore him. So he sticks it even further, putting pressure against her arm until once again she starts to carry on like a pork chop.

And just like 25+ years ago, the big kid gets told to suck it up.

If nothing else it breaks the monotony of the long road trip for the rest of us.

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