Sunday, October 20, 2013

Why It's Greased Lightning!

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It's a pretty rare occurrence that Husband and I have a date night. And it's even rarer that we are both on board for our date night activities.
Usually one or the other is there on sufferance, (Houso's live show anyone?) really only fronting up to make the other one happy.

But this time....well, it was Grease. The musical. Need I say more? For once it was a show we both wanted to watch, so the kids were packed off to a babysitter for the night and we headed out to see the opening show.

Husband slips in as an honorary T-Bird

*Side note, next time I score tickets to opening night, I'm 100%, totally, going to get myself made up properly and strut my stuff on the red carpet like I belong there. The photographers had no idea who anyone was, they had little note pads to write everyone's names down. Watch out for me appearing in the next edition of Who or Woman's Day as I scam my way down the carpet.

Highlights of the evening.

#1 The Red Carpet. The who's who of Sydney worked the carpet in gorgeous outfits. My favourite was the current Hi5 group, who very sweetly posed for me when I blocked their path asked them nicely. They thought they could get away with a simple smile, but I wouldn't let them go encouraged them to do the Hi5.

This is how close we were to the action
Kylie Gillies and Sons (Ch7)

#2 The Photobooths. If I'd realised there would going to be photobooths I would have brought along a fake mustache and an afro wig. As it was I had to make do with working the selfie without props. These babies were complimentary so I went a second round with hubby too. It makes a nice little souvenir for the night to tuck into my program.

#3 The Slushie. I can bypass a glass of wine quite easily, but I can't say no to an alcoholic slushie. And since Husband was behind the wheel for the night I didn't have to! We made a point of eating at home before we came, so I felt like I could splurge on the slushie and a refill. At $12 for the first and $9 for the refill these are a little more of a plan ahead indulgence.

#4 The Cast. This was a brilliantly cast show. Rob Mills is WONDERFUL as Johnny Zukko, with the arrogant little chuckle down pat. All the supporting cast carried themselves well, the only person that made me a little sad was Rizzo. In the first half I was missing some of the raunchiness that Stockard Channing brings to the movie role, but suddenly in the second half it was all there, and Lucy Maunder carried off her owns scenes perfectly from then.

The Finale
Parking wasn't *too* steep at $20 for the 3.5 hours at the venue (The Star), but if you wanted to save a few dollars pre book your parking online at Wilson Parking Harbourside for $12 - it will be a 10 minute walk to the venue though.

This is a show you could 100% take the kids too, although unlike the movie some of the innuendo's are a little more obvious. You could find that less goes over their heads than you rely on when watching the movie.

For something a little more special for the night, if you are celebrating an anniversary or birthday at Grease, preregister the details for a special little shout out from Bert on the night.

Tell me about it...Stud
Where: Lyrical Theatre, The Star
When: From October 13th - No end date is stated but the show is due in Melbourne by January. 
Tickets: Start at $94.90 for an adult and go up from there. Cross check Showbiz vs Ticketmaster for your preferred dates as there are often pricing differences.

PS If you want the fun of living vicariously through me at these events, make sure you connect with me on Instagram, as I fanatically post my impressions as they occur to me.

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