Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Puddles...and More Puddles

We are taking a bit of a dry run (or maybe I should call it a wet run) at toilet training. Lorelei is definitely keen to be out of a nappy but not quite so skilled yet at using the toilet.

After running around after her last week mopping up puddles and many of them, I wasn't surprised to see her yet again perched on her potty with a pair of damp knickers round her ankles. While she tried desperately to reverse time and put something in the potty, I had a look around the playroom for the expected puddle.

It was nowhere to be found.

Eventually I gave up figuring it must have been mini accident, and went and collected 1 year old Sebastian, who had noisily been letting me know for some time he required some attention. For a good reason.

When I picked him up I found myself clutching a soggy baby in a saggy terry towel onesie. He had done the hard work of cleaning for me, and expected to be changed into clean and dry clothes as part of my appreciation.

Poor kid. I'll need to be a little more on the ball with these puddles.

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