Monday, September 9, 2013

2 Under 2, What To Do?

Sometimes they are too cute for words
2 under 2 wasn't in the life plan. When Lorelei was already 2 was when we planned to start trying again, however life (and an absence of birth control) took us in a different direction and when Lorelei was 8 months old I realised Sebastian would be joining us long before planned. Lorelei was just 15 months old when he was born.

Now that Seb is 1, it seemed a good time to stop and look behind us. 2 under 2 is hard. Anyone who says otherwise is one of those natural earth mothers that it all comes naturally too. I'm not one of them.

If you are considering your next child, and weren't sure whether a close age gap is for you, here is our perspective.
"This lap was all mine once". Bottle time
for Seb

Schlepping a newborn around when you have another little one barely walking is tricky. The older bub still needs to be picked up and cuddled too and seems to be at those age when trips and spills are most common. They also can't understand sometimes why you just have to hold their sibling as a priority.

Feeding time for infants requires advanced coordination if you do not want the contents of your Tupperware cupboard spread throughout the house while couch bound feeding. Infant feeds are often interrupted to rescue a climber or produce a snack for a starving tummy.

Infants need to be protected from curious siblings, wondering what happens when you nibble their finger, sit on them, or pick them up by the neck to relocate to a more convenient zone.

But 1 year on, we are also finally starting to reap the benefits.

Seb can finally get around and locate toys for himself, he doesn't have to put up with Lorelei stealing everything from him anymore.

He loves to follow her and play nearby, or with her, and she loves to make him laugh. He can yell loudly enough to get her moving when she sits on him, and takes great pleasure in grabbing her hair if she puts her head nearby.

They love to share food, and Lorelei is more than happy to sneak him the items that I don't think a 1 year old with only 2 teeth should be eating. He thinks this is fantastic.

She likes to blame him for some of her misdeeds and informs me in all seriousness that he has smeared banana all through the dollhouse. He can't stand yet kid.

I can see already that they will be very close, that the small age gap will forge a lilfelong friendship. I still think I would have preferred a bigger gap, simply for ease of parenting, but the benefits are becoming more obvious.

Aaargh, who will walk the plank today First Mate Sebastian?

Did you have a close gap and find it easy? Are you still thinking about how close you want your kids?

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