Monday, August 12, 2013

Taking His Time

Every morning on the run to Teta's, my babies hold hands.
Or maybe Lolly holds hands. Seb doesn't get much choice.
I was super excited last week. After lots of coaching, leading by example, bribery, positive reinforcement, basically every strategy under the sun, my soon to be 1 year old finally showed an interest in rocking backwards and forwards on his hands and knee's.

That's right. Sebastian's not crawling yet. He's too smart to crawl. He worked out some time ago that he could kind of shimmy himself into position, and ROLL anywhere he wanted. So why would he put any real effort into crawling when he can maneuver himself into just about any position by rolling?

With his first birthday looming though, I was kind of hoping to have him a little more traditionally mobile. Maddy walked at 10 months, and Lolly took her first steps on her first birthday. All kids are different, and I always knew premmie Seb would take longer to hit his milestones but I know he is ready to crawl, but just being too smart for his own good.

If he starts to crawl he will develop all the muscles that will let him defend his toys from his sister.

So I was thrilled when I spotted him doing the old rock motion on his hands and knee's. For the other 2, that meant crawling was only a few days away.

Lorelei was less thrilled when she saw all this action. While I was tearing up the kitchen looking for the camera, Lolly took matters into her own hands. A few seconds later I heard indignant yells from Sebastian, and raced back to find Lorelei sitting calmly on his back watching TV.

Sebastian was spreadeagled on the floor flapping his arms. With her solid weight on top of him, he had zero chance of making it back up again.

Sadly, he has since shown no interest in getting back up again, despite Lorelei's best efforts at setting the example. She just wants a comfortable seat to watch TV. 


  1. LOL! Girls like to do this to their little brothers! I remember my eldest taking such an opportunity!
    Boys do develop so differently. I remember my sons were all a little slower with their gross motor skills. Girls seem to switch on mentally a lot quicker but they are all the same by the time they get to school. Just differences between the sexes.

  2. Your babies are too cute! There is always room for a little hand holding (even if your little guy isn't participating entirely voluntarily lol)
    My nephew is 8 months on Friday and he wants so badly to be mobile but hasn't quite got the hang of it yet!!


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