Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sleep? What Sleep?

These two are conspiring against me.
Heaven help me when Seb is old enough
to plot with her

Lorelei turned 2 a few months back. And overnight she went from having a 3-4 hour deep sleep in the middle of the day, to deciding she didn't need a nap at all anymore.

It's possible we disagree on this point.

Without a nap, she is a hideous mess by 5pm. She just can't cope with the long haul yet. And neither can I. So we battle through a 1 hour afternoon nap each day, with her insisting she doesn't want to take it, and me insisting that she bloody well will.

She demonstrates her point by throwing blankets, pillows, and comfort items onto the floor, then screaming for the damn things back again. She further makes her point by gagging herself and throwing up if these items are not returned within a reasonably prompt timeframe.

It's fun and games. I know it's a phase, and I'm sure we will get through it. I just don't know when. And to improve on matters, Seb turned 1 this month, and has decided he too, does not need day time sleeps that last more than 30-60 minutes anymore. And then he will only take 2 of those. Once he wakes up around lunch time, he is awake for the rest of the day. Till bedtime. Around 8-9pm.

What the hell?

I cannot begin to emphasise how much I looked forward to that little window of time each day that the 2 of them would overlap their naps and I would either

a/ Catch a nap myself
b/ Get some genuine housework done, that is not supported by the 2 year old "helping"
c/ Sit on Facebook and write blog posts

Admittedly I was far more likely to adopt a & c. B only rarely got a lookin.

At to make matters worse, each of them have adapted to the early starts required to get us all in place on time now that I am back at work in the office part time, far better than I have. The whole household is moving at sparrows fart these days, but on the 2 weekdays I get to stay home I'd really appreciate a sleep in. Nothing too extravagant. 8am would be the height of luxury. But no. The babies body clocks are well and truly tuned in to 5:30am, and I am lucky if the household can sleep till 6:00. LUCKY.

These 2 are almost operating on less sleep than me. And coping far better. I really miss nap time.

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  1. I hate the struggle to get naps happening - I spend more time trying then the actual nap time
    Oh and my two wake up early on my days home too but I'm always having to wake them up on the days we are meant to be up early


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