Friday, August 23, 2013

Circus Party On The Cheap: The Fun

We didn't do lots of organised games this year. No pass the parcel. No pin the something on the anything. Seb is only 1, so we figured most of the games would go over his head anyway.

Keeping in theme with our circus party, instead of organised games, we had a can toss, and a photobooth. I would have liked to have had a ring toss as well, but I've been so sick in the fortnight leading up to the party it just didn't happen.

The Can Toss

6 cans
3 variants of bright, fun, wrapping paper
Sticky tape

If you have access to a Tupperware can opener, this is the time to use it. The Tupperware can opener somehow deseals the lid so that it slips nicely off in its original format without a nasty, sharp edge. I borrowed one from a relative. If you don't have one, try to choose cans with a ring top so that you can avoid the jagged edge that a normal can opener leaves.

Step 1. Eat up the tinned goods big time for a week, collecting the cans as you go along. Give them a good wash and clean, removing all the labels.

Step 2. Using the can as a guide for size, cut a strip of wrapping paper. I used the stripey paper first as I could pick a line to follow with the scissors. Once you have this first strip, you can use it as a template for cutting out 5 more.

Step 3. Tape the end of a strip of paper to the can, wrapping the can around in full till its covered. Tape down the exposed end well, as this is going to be manhandled a fair bit. Try not to leave any little gaps for fingers to rip.

Repeat till all 6 cans are covered. Set up in a pyramid with a small bucket of soft balls nearby. This was a hit with adults and kids a like, and doesn't need to be played with at a certain time.

The PhotoBooth

Fun box for storage
Various costumes bits
Fabric background

Such a simple way to keep guests occupied! We filled a box with wigs, necklaces, clown noses, funny glasses etc and just encouraged everyone to go to town! Most of the costume bits we already had in our own dress up box, or as bits from Maddy's dance costumes over the years, but I did go and buy the clown noses and wig (can't have a circus without a clown!). 

I did source these really cute mustaches and pouty lips here - just cut out a few, laminate them for durability, and stick to shortened kebab skewers.

We hung up some bright coloured fabric that we already had from doing a photo of the month with Lolly back when she was a wee one. It would have been good if it was a little wider and a little longer, but I wasn't about to go and waste money when we already had this stuff on hand.

A mirror nearby finished it off, and pretty much every party guest had some fun with the booth at different times.

And as all bloggers will understand, no event is complete without its own hashtag, and of course I made my party guests hashtag all their photo's so that I could see them all easily on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter afterwards. Just in case you're interested - the hashtag was #sebscircus. Not all the photo's were public, but you are welcome to view the ones that were! We had a great time!

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