Saturday, August 31, 2013

Circus Party On The Cheap: The Decorations

When I first thought of a circus party theme for Seb's first birthday my mind was going all out thinking THEME. I was thinking along the lines of buying the Ikea circus top, and possibly renting some signposts and props. Maybe hiring a clown for the day, and hey, what about a fairy floss machine while I'm at it?

At the risk of scaring the pants off the kids, I abandoned
this idea.

Eventually though, I realised that kind of expense really wasn't necessary and I could create plenty of nice atmosphere myself. At a fraction of the cost of renting just one prop. At the end of the day, some bright colours, yummy food, and a little fun is all that is needed to make the party great, and spending hundreds of dollars on atmosphere is not going to change the outcome.

I started by purchasing the Vintage Carnival word art and element digiscrapping bundle over at The Lilypad. I like to digiscrap all my photo's, and although I don't often purchase supplies (there is so much free stuff out there) I knew I would use this bundle a fair bit and could flog it for decorations sake too!

A little photoshop magic, and the Summer Fair and Circus fonts,  and I had a series of fun signs that set the tone, that cost me only a few dollars in ink and paper to print out at home.

Some of the signs we had around the house

Instead of splurging on the circus themed plates, cups, napkins, balloons, party hats etc, I stuck to simple plain colours that locked in the theme. Red, blue and yellow were my main colours, and whenever possible I purchased ones with dots on them. The plain colours were alot cheaper than the themed stuff, and I actually thought it all looked nicer, less tacky.

Typical, I forgot to take photo's BEFORE the party, so you
have to make do with leftovers

The colourful cupcake stand was on the Woolworths clearance rack for $1, and the straws and popcorn containers were my key splurge items at $2 a packet. Unnecessary I guess, but such a cute touch!

I also found it much cheaper to have balloons on sticks instead of helium balloons. The packets of coloured sticks were $1 for 8, and the balloons were $2 for 8 polka dot coloured (I had red, blue and yellow, but you know, I forgot to take photo's before I gave them all away!)

And instead of the big top canopy I wanted to purchase/rent, (for $60), I shimmied up some streamers over the food.

Do you know what? People had a great time. It's not necessary to spend a fortune prettying everything up. The party looked good, my 1 year old will never remember, but we have some good photo's. And this result cost about $300 less than my original thoughts.

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