Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sleeping Like A Baby

someecards.com - People that say they sleep like a baby, probably don't have one.

I went back to work in the office today. It's been almost 12 months since Seb was born, 5 hospital stays, 3 major operations, a house move, really a lifetime.

So where do you think I was last night? The educated guess would be that I was tucked up in my bed with the electric blanket cranked up high, getting an early night so I can wow everyone on my first day back.

That was the plan anyway.

But instead of enjoying my soaring electricity bill and snuggling deep down into my doona I was doing happy laps in the car at midnight last night.

Rewind back to a snotty little boy running never ending temps. Seb had a miserable day, and once he woke in the afternoon at 2pm, did not go back to sleep. Instead he tortured me by alternately wailing, grizzling, vomiting, or occasionally (as Nurofen did its job) playing. When midnight rolled around and Husband and I were trading off grizzly baby for dish washing duty I finally got the idea to throw him in the car and go for a drive.

Madeleine (now 12) welcomed new teeth with pain and misery (for her too). Lorelei however introduced them gently and sweetly, usually surprising us by biting us with them before we noticed them.

Seb seems to be taking after his big, big sister and will be ushering in each new tooth with as much effort and attention as could be demanded by such a little being.

I don't know why it took me so long to think of the car. It always worked for Madeleine. So even though he complained loudly at being taken out into the cold, midnight saw the two of us rolling gently around the winding corners of my suburb at low speed. I went through as many curves and chicanes as possible, and let the sway of the car do its work.

8 minutes in he was snoring, and I turned the car around to go home. It didn't last all night, but it did break the wakeful cycle that he couldn't seem to snap out of, and between the two of us I would say Husband and I each got about 3 hours sleep.

Better than nothing. Ever taken your unhappy bub for a car ride to put them to sleep?

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  1. Absolutely mine loves to fall asleep in the car and I too have done the drive more than once when she has been sick. Bumpy roads work best for me. Luckily our local council are rubbish at maintaining our roads so there are plenty of bumps to be had :-)


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