Thursday, July 11, 2013

Nothing Says Magic Like Disney

It's been a  little over three years since our family (minus x2 babies) returned from our 6 week USA Disney adventure. And not a week goes past that someone doesn't say "do you remember?" or "We were there!" (most often said when Tink flies over Cinderella's castle at the beginning of a movie, or when watching crimes shows based in New York).

I forgot that the Disney magic is also there at the Disney on Ice events. I haven't been with Maddy since she was about 8 (around the time we started saving for the USA), and probably wouldn't have gone again with Lolly till she was at least 4.

But I won tickets last month from Tina Gray dot Me, so it was no hardship to invite along Maddy's best friend (another Disney fan) and schlep the whole kit and caboodle along to the show.

Making the day out more affordable?

1. Parking at Homebush isn't too bad compared to city venues, reaching $16 for 3 hours, but there is actually plenty of free street parking about 15 minutes walk away
2. You are allowed to take your own food and drink into the venue. I don't fancy your chances if you turn up with a pizza or an esky, but some lollies, chips, fruit, and water bottles were just fine for us, and meant that I was able to resist their plea's for fairy floss and popcorn (with difficulty still, since it's me who wants it more than the kids)

Since the tickets and food didn't come with a price tag, I did buy Lolly the obligationary light toy. I have ALWAYS bought one for Maddy, because when the lights go out in the venue, it's so magical to have a million light up toys flashing and whirling around you, and Lolly was entranced with hers, kissing it as the lights flashed, and hugging it to herself during the show.

I will admit that Lolly was possibly a little young for the show. At 2, she enjoyed it alot, watching with wide eyes especially during the first half, but by the second half she was sitting on the floor at my feet playing with her light toy and stealing her sister's lollies from her handbag.

When those lights went down and Tink zipped out and around the stage I sucked in my breath. It was as good (almost) as that feeling of stepping through the gates at Disneyland and seeing Sleeping Beauty's castle loom in the distance.

Interestingly enough, now that she is a little older (12), Maddy was more appreciative of the actual skating than she has ever been before, oohing and aahing appropriately at all the complex stunts.

All my favourite princesses were featured along with the best songs and scenes from their movies. I was tickled to see Lolly really get up and grooving to the Hi Ho song in Snow White.

I'd be hard picked up choose my favourite costumes and routines from the night but I've tried:

-The knives and fork skaters, all wrapped up in their own napkin for Belle's scene
-The various fish and underwater life that smothered the stage in their bright flueorescent costumes for Ariel
-Th gorgeous, lit up, golden carriage that drew Cinders out, and Tink took for a whirl in the final scene.

And because I'm one of those people who know people, we were invited along afterwards to a VIP party to get photo's with Snow White and Dopey, and enjoy more sugar than I would normally have let them consume in a month, much less an hour. We met up there with my SIL Salz, and her little princesses where we overran the place with 3/4 of the children at the event belonging to us.

Candy bar at the VIP party

Lolly distinguished herself by posing on the stage only to fall backwards off it 2 seconds later. The PR person was far more anxious than Salz or I, who could not stop giggling long enough to rescue the poor kid.

The moment captured, as she starts to fall
My 2 top tips for visiting Disney on Ice this year? (Which by the way, appears to have plenty of awesome seats left for sale, from $28.50 which isn't too shabby a price tag at all).
1. Dress your little Miss as a princess. I was drowning in a sea of princesses, and I Lolly would have been so disappointed to not be dressed up. If you want something a little more special than the mainstream, mine came from Fairytale Treasures, who has simply stunning princess dresses
2. Take CASH. The merchandise stalls were only dealing in cash on my night (not sure if it was a malfunction or standard) but even if they gets those EFTpos machines up and running, waving the right money at the girl and knowing what you want will get you served while she is in the process of helping someone else dither along through the important decision of Cinders or Tink.

Enjoyed a little Disney magic recently or heading off yourself to Disney on Ice?

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