Monday, July 15, 2013

Late Night Groceries

Late night grocery shopping is back to being my thing lately. There was a time when I did it during the day, even with 2 babies, but terrible two and grabby zero are not a good combination so we are back to late nights by myself or with the tween.

It's either that or continue to regale the locality with Lorelei lying on the floor kicking and screaming because she can reach all these fantastic things - but I am cruelly not allowing her too - and Sebastian gleefully ripping down my blouse because every wants to see my boobs, don't they?

I can't count how many times I have dragged her from a store one armed with Seb on the hip because she has dropped and is dangling, flailing, anything to try and make a spectacle of all of us. Go ahead and judge, I am that mother that you purse your lips at, raise your eyebrows, and even possibly suggest that I shouldn't have kids if I can't control them.

Back to late night shopping where Madeleine at least does not throw a tanty when deprived of something she wants. Barely though. No one can sulk like a 12 year old.

I had pondered my way through the deli, forcing the girls to shave some more meat for me because they were out of my variant. (They really try to make out like that's such a hardship). Tossing my wrapped bundles into the trolley and considering the bakery treats just behind me when Madeleine stage whispered

"Mum! That's not our trolley"

What the? Looking down into a trolley packed with fruit and veg, I realised that an older gentleman was giving me the hairy eyeball as I made off with his carefully selected produce. Ripping my deli goods from his trolley and tossing it into my own I scurried away, scolding Maddy loudly for tampering with other peoples trolley's.

For the next few aisles, every time he came upon us he would scurry back to his trolley and watch us pass with suspicious eyes.


Ever blamed your child for something you did? Pinched someone elses groceries? Or is that just me?

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