Thursday, July 25, 2013

A whole other language

I'm not so old. I was a teenager when Internet use for recreation became routine in the household, and went in chat rooms every night to talk to teens in other countries. (More likely overweight, sleazy men in other countries)

I remember scoffing at my big sister (8 years older) for not knowing what "lol" and "lmfao" and "brb" meant. We slapped each other with fishes (still not sure why) in my chat room and pinged each other.

While I've been in hospital this week the text messages between my 12 year old and I have been flying thick and fast. But it takes me FOREVER to decipher her messages. Sometimes I swear what she write would make more sense as an optometrists board.

For example:

- sys luv u 2. The "love you too" bit I get, but "sys" took me a while (see you soon)

- kk. Okay? 

- ttyl . Talk to you later, thank you Tigger for your TTFN (ta ta for now) for some reason I made the connection here

- Like for a tbh. I see this one on Facebook from the various teens at our dance studio all the time, and I have yet to figure out what tbh means. Enlighten me if you can so I don't have to admit ignorance to the tween

And finally, one that sums up exactly how I feel whenever I get a text from my tween:

- Idk wat u sed mum - What the? I'm guessing I don't know what you said?

Does your kid have their own language that makes you feel old? I am definitely not feeling all that cool anymore, as I struggle to keep up with her.

**Incidentally my spell check had a field day with this post. If any real errors slip through the net, blame the text speak for confusing both me and the computer!**


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