Monday, June 3, 2013

Overwhelmed, Overjoyed, and Oversharenting

I attended a Fisher Price breakfast session recently with mixed feelings. I'm always a little worried about a blatant product flog even though Fisher Price is a brand already well represented in my household.

The morning involved some serious kid juggling in order to be in the city for a 9am start, which definitely contributed to my mixed feelings! But boy, was I glad I made the effort.

Eggs and soldier fingers, only at a Fisher Price breakfast!
 I found myself in the company of magazine editors, online mothers community representatives, and a smattering of other bloggers. And instead of a product flog, what I experienced instead was an insightful, thought provoking session on the pressures and experiences of mothers today and the responsibility and influence that online contributors have.

A key theme threaded throughout the morning was overwhelmed and overjoyed. That while motherhood is definitely the warm fuzzy moments of wet kisses, snuggles, and first steps, its also far more often eyeballing dripping sleepness nights, patience thinning struggles, and a confusing mess of contradictions.

We discussed oversharenting, the habit of many bloggers to expose our children's toilet training habits, sex lives, medical concerns and private health details, not to mention the intricacies of our children's worst habits. It's the nature and instinct of blogging, to share and share and share. The more I tell you, the more I want to tell you!

I never put much thought into it, but it is true that online contributors have a huge responsibility over our peers. A mother in the past wanting to know if her child's behaviour was normal consulted her mother and best friend. Maybe also her mothers group. A mother today will turn to Dr Google, and will very quickly have hundreds of matches to her query, often forum based with even more responses. But are those responses accurate? Do they allow for questioning and free discussion? Are they consistent? And lets not forget the potential for the whole web to judge us now instead of just our "real life" community.

It's also easy to look at the limited snapshot of their life that a blogger offers and feel insecure that our lives/children/income/home/skills are clearly not what they should be. After all, if that blogger I admire can have it that way, isn't that the way I'm supposed to have it? It's keeping up with the Joneses but on a global scale.

I probably contribute to that skewed version of life. I don't post about the absolute worst. Partly because I would always try to present myself on my best behaviour, but also because my thoughts are always on the future. I try to restrict writing about the challenges I face with a preteen, or the thin relationship I have with my mother, or the bowel movements of my babies! I'm mindful that one day my preteen will go for a job, or enter a serious relationship, and my comments from the here and now will be considered in the then and after without all the context that being part of it entailed.

Fisher Price Toys, now and then represented
While I won't be putting anything on here that could be used against me or my children one day, I will still try to bring a balance of my life to my blog, lest anyone make the mistake of thinking that I am a stepford wife, perfect in every way. Not that anyone could think that about me or my family! Did I mention I caught Lorelei painting her brother walls with toothpaste today? Definately no stepford family here.

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