Saturday, June 15, 2013

For The Night Is Dark And Full Of Terrors

The house we are renting is a bit of an amateur DIY job. Everything about it has been slightly cobbled together. Including the plumbing, which thumps and rattles and bangs every time we turn the hot water on. It didn't really bother us, until one night Madeleine had a shower when Lorelei was in bed trying to fall asleep.

I wandered down the hall when I heard the shrieks from Lolly's room. She was sitting at the far end of her bed, about as far from the wall as she could get, hugging her knee's and rocking back and forth. 

"Bang" she whimpered, pointing at the wall, where the pipes were making themselves known. Lots of cuddles and kisses later, I thought I had her settled. Not so.

This is the scene every night since. 

And it's been about 2 weeks now. The poor kid is absolutely terrified of sleeping in her bed, and will stay awake for hours curled up on the floor. We're staying with her for a while, tried letting her sleep in our bed (she wants to play), tried making her up a bed on the floor of her room. She always ends up curled in a ball, still awake at midnight.

I don't like thinking that my littlest daughter is scared to go to sleep. She can't even tell me whats wrong. I make sure the water isn't run after bedtime these days, so she doesn't know how to say what is scaring her, since the noises are gone.

She is eventually falling asleep, midnight, 1am, but this new sleeping pattern is not doing good things for our day. I'm hoping it will run it's course if we are patient and don't force her fears but so far the end is not in sight.

What are the terrors in your household? For me, it was a man under the bed who was going to grab my feet when I went to the bathroom. Mostly I've grown out of it. Mostly.

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