Friday, June 28, 2013

FFS Friday: It's Really Been 3 Months?

We got a letter from the real estate we rent through today. We have a house inspection coming up next week. FFS.

Really? Has it really been 3 months since we moved in?

The house is still in that, everything is just shoved anywhere, phase, with a bunch of boxes still unpacked in the garage, and the occassional box in bedrooms. FFS

 I've been using the "we just moved in" excuse when someone comes over. I think that excuse might be a little worn out now FFS

We've been home owners for so long I forgot what it is like to have someone come and judge my housekeeping abilities, which are almost nonexistant. FFS

Now on top of a frantically busy fortnight (where did all those commitments come from FFS) I have to find time to get the house a smidgen (read: alot) more organised, and clean, properly clean, not toys pushed to the side of the room clean. FFS

Parent/Teacher interviews were last night. Feedback such as "Uses orange pen", "had no idea she was a "A" student based on her bookwork, until she did the test" "can't read her writing" was heavily featured. She got an "A" peeps. I get the bookwork thing, but does the orange pen REALLY matter?

Eck. No more time for FFS. I have to go do housework. FFS

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  1. Wow must remember to never buy orange pens!! Good luck with the housework, I hated inspection time although it was the only time the house was clean!!


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