Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Donuts and Seagulls

I had a girly day yesterday with my sister in laws. We took a couple of our little ones to the clinic for weigh ins and checks, then spent a little time at the park before heading back to Salz for coffee and chocolate donuts cupcakes ahem something healthy.

Ever tried to sit down for more than 30 seconds without a toddler demanding attention? It's impossible. Except when there is food to be had. Then it's even more impossible.

Sebastian was rolling happily on the floor, and we cheerfully tossed donuts and cupcakes at the seagulls toddlers every time they came near us. It turned out to be a great morning of coffee, chat, and catchup.

Something we will have to do more often. Yes, there was occassional biting, hair pulling and taking of toys. And that was just my sister in laws (just kidding.) Most of it was kind of funny, I'm ashamed to admit. I was surprised by how often the kids returned for more donuts though. Bottomless pits I tells you.

Until it was time to go, and I went to collect Sebastian, only to discover him sucking on a half eaten discarded apple, covered in donuts and cupcake crumbs. The kids had all kindly been sharing their spoils with him, since I was hard hearted enough not to offer him any.

Little bugger thoroughly enjoyed it all too. I didn't think to take a photo so you will have to settle for this one of him attacking my bear making kit.


  1. Sebastian!!! The kids sure are seagulls.

    1. I should have taken a photo! He looked so funny covered in crumbs and remnants, I should have guessed something was up when he didn't demand attention sooner lol


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