Sunday, June 23, 2013

Barbie Dream House: The New Generation

When Maddy was a little girl, the Barbie Dream House was very much like a harem. 1 Ken doll, and approximately 30 Barbies and her variants. Ken served as husband, brother, boyfriend, delivery man, to all these lovely ladies.

These days the Barbie collection has been handed down to Lorelei, and I took some effort to cull the hordes, at least for a few years, leaving her with 2 Barbies, 1 Ken, and an assortment of children, along with their furniture and dollhouse.

The harem was packed away in a crate along with all the clothes, shoes, and miscellaneous small items that Barbie often comes with for as long as Sebastian (and sometimes 2 year old Lolly too!) is still at that stage of putting things in his mouth.

Maddy noticed that Ken was getting lots of special attention from Lolly, so she bought her a 2nd one for Christmas, to even out the family dynamic in the Dream House a little.

Of late, I've noticed that there is a similar theme to Lolly's daily play. Barbie has been relegated to the attic of the Dream House to gather dust while Ken and Ken get to go out partying regularly. They serenade one another, dance the hokey pokey, and are her companions of choice when having a bath.

It would appear that the new generation in the Barbie Dream House are a little less of a harem, and a little more the Bachelorette. 

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