Sunday, May 26, 2013

When Harry Met.....Maddy

If you're the parent of a tweeange girl you are probably no stranger to One Direction. Thanks to Maddy, I know more about Harry Styles than his mother probably does.

So when Husband and I spotted these life sized cutouts of One Direction members in Target, we knew it would be the perfect treat to have stored away to surprise Maddy with some time. At $49.95 it was never going to happen, but when we realised they were on sale for $30, I parted reluctantly with some cash and hid Harry in the wardrobe for a little while.

The day came when Maddy's bedroom was clean, she'd had a fabulous week of being helpful and sweet, and I wanted to reward her. So that night, we set Harry up to loom over Maddy in the dark.


The thought was that she would wake to see a dark figure and would have a little freakout before switching on the light and spotting her idol. I figured the resulting screams, either from the dark figure or the idol spotting would wake us up.

It didn't quite pan out that way though. In typical tweenager style, she slept long into the morning, so that I was up and tapping away on the computor in the next room. Husband had paused at the door for a chat when stirring noises emerged from Maddy's room. Husband, from the doorway, peering down the hall, started to grin and I tiptoed over so that I could catch the action.

That's when a lifesize stranger burst into my line of vision, scaring the morning coffee out of me (I may or may not have wet my pants). I shrieked, and seconds later echoing cries were heard from each of the babies bedrooms as they were woken up abruptly.

Harry had been carried from a bemused and delighted Maddy's bedroom, so that she could show us her new treasure. He did a great job scaring the bejesus out of someone, it just wasn't her.

Ever had a practical joke backfire on you? Have a tween in love with One Direction?


  1. Best WRONG DIRECTION pic ever. Mine is only 8 this year and she's all "One Direction this" and "One Direction that". It's a step up from her previous love - Justin Bieber. So I'm kinda okay with it, lest she revert back to the teenage boy whose hair is more manicured and blow dried than my own.

    1. We still have Bieber fever in this house too unfortunately! And we also hear way more than we need to about Ed Sheeran

  2. That is hilarious Elise.I loves Mr bean.

    1. Do you know how long it took me to realise it was Mr Bean? I was staring at it for AAAGES before the penny dropped


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