Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kisses Make Everything Better

Looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth,
doesnt she.
"Mummee, wowee."

This was the tragic sound of my 2 year old as she held her hand up to my face to be kissed better. Kisses make everything better when you are 2.

Lip out, big brown eyes looking wounded, she cradled her sore hand. Upon closer inspection I realised there was a deep, and clear, bite mark impression.

"How did that happen Lolly?" I asked while I cuddled her close. After all, any owie needs kisses and cuddles, and bites are specially horrible.

"Bastian bite me" with a glower towards her 9 months old brother, rolling complacently on the floor, no sign of his evil doings showing as he sucked happily on a Dora toy.

Really? Really kid? Sebastian bit you. Really?

For the last few weeks Lorelei has been popping her fingers in Sebastian's mouth and making encouraging noises that he should bite her. Which he hasn't. And the game always ends with her giving him a mini lecture on biting.

"No biting Bastian. Not nice. No biting"

So back to present day, and my littlest daughter nursing her wounded hand waiting expectantly for her baby brother to get in the same trouble she gets in when she bites her cousins.

Except Seb doesn't have any teeth yet. Not even one. And with no other culprits in the house I think I know who bit Lolly's hand. Nice try kid.

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