Friday, May 3, 2013

A Beginners Guide for Brands Working With SAHM Bloggers

When I say beginners guide I'm referring to me not the brand!

 "I turn on my computer. I wait impatiently as it connects. I go online, and my breath catches in my chest until I hear three little words: You've got mail." ~You've Got Mail ~

That's how I feel when I get any kind of PR or Brand email. And I may or may not do a happy dance not unlike Jim's American pie dance.

Often I can't accept an invitation due to logistics. And I figure there must be lots of bloggers in the same boat as me. So here are my tips for getting fresh, funny and unfrazzled bloggers to your event. I'm a wee baby blogger though, so it's always possible my two cents is worth just that.

1. Don't forget the kids. Many of us are SAHM. So any invitation that doesn't include my kids is going to involve a babysitter which already reduces my chances of attending. I will be very selective about which events I sacrifice my time with my kids for (and beg babysitting services out of the relo's). Events that either include my kids or have some kind of nanny/angel service have a much higher chance for me to attend

2. Remember the mummy responsibilities. 9am starts really (REALLY) don't work. With a school run to cater to it just increases the logistic problem to be on time for a 9am start which is often in the city. While the corporate office day probably kicked off 1-2 hours earlier my ability to do anything for me kicks off once I have waved my cherub through the school gates. 10:30-11 starts are much more compatible with the school day

3. Wifi and Social Media. Want me plugging your message across my social media networks? There's nothing like free wifi, good hash tags, and some brilliant photo ops to get me tweeting and instagramming.

4. Don't forget the home players! Speaking of social media networks, if you really want to go viral give me an incentive to play along at home even if I can't attend. Offer the chance of a giveaway and i'll hang on every tweet and Instagram trending with your tag. This will give your blogger attendees more engagement with their social media messages, and also give you the opportunity to connect with bloggers in other states.

5. Make it a win/win/win. Offer me something for my readers. I feel a bit like a hooker when I plug your brand without there being something in it for my readers.

Any other bloggers have any tips to add? Or maybe you don't agree with my points - add your two cents!


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