Thursday, April 18, 2013

It's Time To Go

Granny flat living can be a little squishy

We've been living in this granny flat for 3 months, and the time is just about on us to move out. I've shared the flip side of living in the granny flat, so the question is, 3 months on, would I still reccomend it to others?


Although there have been plenty of times when it feels a little like Alice after she eats the grow me cake there are some major perks to living like this.

1. Saving costs on rent/mortgage. Even though we pay a token amount to my in-laws, it doesn't come close to being the amount we would pay for a proper house/unit.
2. Saving money on utilities. Powering up and watering such a small zone is much cheaper than a house.
3. Saving again on internet/phone costs. By sharing these costs with the in-laws instead of getting our own the expense is halved.
4. Built in baby-sitters. Enough said.
5. Less maintenance. There's a lot less lawn to be mowed, repairs to be completed, etc and more people living on the property to share it round
6. My kids are a lot closer and have had to learn to share zones, belongings, and themselves. By not having anywhere to go we are always together. We watch TV together since there is only room for one TV, we talk while I do chores like dinner or laundry putting away, and play together for lack of escape. I never realised how easy it is to not have any togetherness time in a generously sized house.
7. Less housework. Oh hallelujah there is so much less housework when you only have 4 rooms in total
8. Community living. There is always someone around to talk to, and we see so much more of the extended family living here. This experiance has drawn us closer than ever to the people we love.
9. Milk. There is always someone to borrow a cup of milk off. Or an egg. Or sugar.

Have I convinced you to sell up shop and go move in with family yet? For all that I am looking forward to having a big house again, I am sad about moving. I think I would have been happy to do this a while longer if it weren't for the need to get my family settled and comfortable closer to Maddy's school.


  1. At one point in my life me daughter and I were going to move into a small studio my family has in the inner city. I decided against it to keep my daughter stable in our environment but it had heaps of benefits so u don't have to convince me :-)

    1. Thats always been a big thing for me too, I want my kids to have long term stability, because we were such nomadic renters when I was a kid. Hoping to settle into our new home soon as stay there!

  2. We lived in the world's tiniest old worker's cottage (not a granny flat but about the same size) with our 2 primary school aged children for FIVE YEARS! It was a squeeze but I tell ya what, it did wonders for our family and we are still very close.

    Once they hit their teen years though it was time to move into a bigger place ;-)

    1. FIVE years! Good grief, and heres me being all proud of us for doing it for 3 months lol

  3. I think anything we can do to take the financial pressure off family life is a good thing, but we have to weigh it up against our sanity!! When is the move?

    1. Saturday - and we are so excited. I can't wait to spread out again and set up separate play and study zones for the kids


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