Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Where have I been this month?

I've been to hospital and am out again. They took out a number of body parts I apparently don't need, that weren't doing me any favours, and gifted me a lovely Ileostomy bag for my troubles. If you don't know what it is, lets leave it at that since ignorance is bliss. If you do know what it is, feel free to feel sorry for me, since I know I do. I've only got to put up with the sucker for 3 months (ish) and with 2 weeks down I am counting the days.

I don't write about my health on here, because frankly unhealthy people are boring, but here's hoping that losing all those body parts is going to mean a better quality of life for me now. I'm sick of feeling sick.

Lorelei and Sebastian have found new, adorable ways to be naughty. Seb won't sleep unless he's wrapped up tight, but the cheeky little monkey has started to splay his legs wide on either side of his crib and lifts his bum in the air so that he can wriggle out of his wrap. He then calls out to me triumphantly to come and play with him. I'm going to have to invest in another Love to Swaddle for this little guy, since he's just grown out of the last one.

Lorelei on the other hand has suddenly discovered her words this month. I don't know what I was worried about, because it's like a tap turned on. She can let us know what she wants really well now, and we have no trouble understanding what she is asking for. You would think that now we can understand her that her frustrations and tantrums would be less right? Nope. She is asking for ICE-cream. ICE-CREAM! ICECREAM!!!!! And since we can understand what she is asking for and can say no, not right now sweetie, the tantrums are actually worse.

I'm not even sure where she learnt the word icecream. My idea of a desert for a baby is a bowl of chopped fruit. But she has that one down pat. Along with biscuit, Sebastian, sultana, no, and down.

It's nice to be home with everyone. Once again I missed some seriously awesome blogging opportunities while I was in hospital, just like last year. It's so frustrating because I am itching to run a series of consistently awesome giveaways this year, and I missed the opportunity to build relationships with some great brands.

This month, my Facebook page has GROWN. In excess of 100 people found their way to me this month, and if you are one of them, a special HELLO from me to you. It's lovely to have you around. Hopefully I can deliver plenty of good reading.

Have you lost any body parts you don't need? One of my newest readers? Say hello and make my day.

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