Saturday, March 30, 2013

Braving Bogan City for Last Minute Eggs

Happy Easter from the MummyHearts household!

I bought the majority of my Easter Eggs a week ago, at the usual token 25% off. But on the exact day I was nipping up the shops to buy all my eggs I saw in the catalogues that in just a few days time Cadbury hunting eggs would be even cheaper at Woolworths. Instead of paying $10 for 20 at Big W, I could buy x2 packs of 10 for $6 at Woolies.
Well. Tightarse that I am how could I pass that up. $4 savings right? So I bought all my eggs intended as gifts for my family, and left the hunting eggs for another day.
Do you think a single one of the NINE Woolies I have been to this week had any hunting eggs? Of course not. And although I was willing to pay any price this week to get my hands on hunting eggs, my quest was broken by my specialist doctor throwing me into hospital suddenly on Wednesday morning for observation. Overnight. And not letting me out till after Thursday.
So we come to today. The day before the big hunt. And I had no hunting eggs for what would be Lorelei's first hunt to participate in.
I had intentions of heading up to our local Westfield to scour the place for eggs at 9am. But then my eyes flew open at sparrows fart and I remembered that we have a 24 hour Kmart. No fighting the hoards for me, I leapt out of bed and hurried up to the Kmart. Only to find that they didn't reopen from being closed for Good Friday till 8am. So with 45 minutes to wait, I settled into my car to read some good bloggage on my iPhone.
At 7:55am I wandered over to the doors and strategically placed myself right next to the doors. To the distinct lack of amusement to the 50+ women that had gathered.
Women hunched over their trolleys. They peered through the doors, marking mentally which was the fastest route to the eggs they intended to snatch. At 8:01am the crowd was muttering and grumbling, and by 8:02 a women was banging on the door and shouting to encouragement from her audience.
A worried looking manager inside talked on a store phone, glancing nervously at the doors every few seconds, then scurried away without opening doors.
By 8:04 the crowd of waiting women was 75+, and there was plenty of heckling going on. Finally the doors opened and the crowd surged inside, spilling into the Easter aisles. I quickly grabbed some Cadbury Crunchie eggs, being the only hunting egg sized option left. No plain ones for us this year (insert sad face here).
I ran with my treasures to the self service aisle and got out of there as quick as possible. But from my safe vantage point of the doors, I watched as a women in pyjama pants argued with a women with a mullet over the last giftbox of some random egg/toy combination. I listened while a manager pleaded patrons to take care over the loudspeaker.

Only in Mt Druitt. Good old Mounty County. Lesson learned. Never wait till the day before Easter to buy eggs. And I paid $12 for my hunting eggs this year in case you were interested. And only got 18.


  1. Hope you washed off the bogan germs when you got home. We are such scary people.

    1. lol if you had been standing outside Kmart with these 75 women you might have been scared too! It was almost as bad as the line up for the mid year toy sales before they started doing online laybuy. Never never never leaving egg shopping to the last minute again